Funding Higher Education

by: Ashley Gress

Why is the funding of higher education an important policy issue?

Funding higher education is a huge policy issue. Education is a big debate topic in general for numerous elections. College has almost become like a prerequisite for employment. Out of the 30 jobs that have had the most growth, over half require post-secondary education. When you get into the work force, people with a college degree earn two times the amount of money that a non-degree earner would make. In the past twenty-four years, we have gone from #1 to #12 for students obtaining a 4-year degree. Almost the whole wealthy class is guaranteed to go to college. Only half of the original student make-up will graduate, and only 25% of them are of a poorer social class. With the help of funding for higher education, more kids are likely to go to school because they will not owe as much at the time or come out with as much debt. This will also help us advance in world standings for education.