Mrs. Wenner's Monthly News

Kindergarten Class of 2016

In Class Work

ELA- We are finishing up our letter of the week and only have a few sight words left. This week we are focusing on the letter "Jj" and sight word "am" and "as."
Writing- We continue to practice persuasive writing and will begin to focus on using our words to make a change.

Math- We just finished Unit 4! We ended the unit by focusing on defining attributes for 3-D shapes and then practiced building our own cube using toothpicks and marshmallows.*I noticed many students had a hard time with partners of ten and the tiny tumblers, so I made videos to help reinforce what was taught in class.*

Science- We are getting ready to start our new unit Animals 2X2.

Social Skill- working as a team to complete a task together. Students are becoming more familiar with and as the challenges get a little harder, team work is a must!

Upcoming Events

Wednesday, 5/18 -PTO Meeting 12:15 p.m. in MPR

Thursday, 5/26- Fun Run / Jog-a-thon and Open House

Friday, 6/3- On-site Field Trip

I am excited to announce that we have officially planned and booked our class field trip! We will be doing an on-site field trip (students will get the same experience except we will not have to pay for buses since they will bring the unit to us). It is going to be a STEM engineering experiment hosted by the Child Creativity Lab. Their "lab" is open to the public and such a neat space! Learn more here:

PTO covers $5 per student on field trips. This field trip actually costs $6 per student because of the cost of materials. I am asking parents to bring in $1 to help cover the difference. If you are unable to, no worries, I will happily cover the cost... I am very excited for this field trip!