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Week #5: Altered Book Art Journals

Featured Artist of the Week: Beverly Griffith

Beverly Griffith's mother read to her every night, so her imagination was well fed. As a child, she began to make things from what they had around the house. The first thing she remembers creating was a house for her Barbie doll out of cardboard boxes, paint & scraps of fabric. Later, she would make a nativity scene using her Barbie dolls & her brother’s G.I. Joe. She learned to sew doll clothes & stuffed animals, & then began to make clothes for herself. Griffith learned many needle crafts from her family & other creative things from books. Most of what she makes are gifts to her friends & family. Griffith teaches Sunday School & Children’s Church in Kannapolis & works right here in the Rowan Public Library System, at the Salisbury Branch.

She does many different types of crafts. If she sees something that interests her, she has to at least try it once. If she likes it, she will get more involved in it. If it doesn’t work out the first time, she will set it aside & do something else she likes & then come back to it later. There are often several projects she is working on at once. Although she does not have much time for that right now, her favorite thing to do is paint.

She says, "To see something come to life on a blank page or canvas is very satisfying."

Here are some examples of Beverly Griffith's skills:

  • Crafts which involve beads, books, paper, cards & more
  • Embroidery, Knitting, Crochet, Tatting, Sewing & Quilting
  • Bulletin boards for church and library
  • Jewelry Creation
  • Drawing & Painting (decorative as well as backdrops & scenery for church)

Some of Beverly Giffith's Book Creations

Other Creations by Beverly Giffith