by Uriel Miranda


The purpose of undefeated was to show how one team who did so badly, will end up gaining some momentum and winning because the coach put in the right path.


The purpose of this film was to show how any thing can happen with discipline and hard work. This film really captured how someone can get introduced to someones life and put them on the right path to success. This is why anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Manassas Tigers showed how success is earned with dedication.

Did Undefeated Achieve The Purpose?

Yes they achieved their purpose. With the first example being how Money got injured, Money then went on to full recovery by doing therapy. Another example is how another football player got suspended but returned and apologized to the team. Lastly OC is a good example, he went on to get a scholarship for his athletic excellence


After watching the film it made me happy. How some players in this movie has no father figure, and most of their parents never attended college, now these kids have the chance to prove their academic and athletic excellence when put on the limelight. It gave me a new perspective on how one person (coach) can really impact someones life. But coach never took credit, he would say that the players are the important ones. In conclusion, this movie is a great way to show how the right path can lead to wins in life.