Year 9 Mathematics

Ms Bennett's Mathematics Class Newsletter

End of term notes

This term we have been working on a variety of topics including:
1. Probability
2. Geometry (Similar and Congruent triangles)
3. Quadratics (week 10 and into Term 4)

We have been looking at different ways of learning and improvements we can make to memorization. Learning mathematics is a little like learning a language, in that it is cumulative so you must remember things from year to year so you can build a foundation of knowledge to ensure success in senior mathematics.

We are about to have a test on our geometry unit and students have been prepared with a number of workbooks and study guides. I have included the most recent one in this newsletter. I will be asking them to write notes about angle properties and congruence rules tonight for homework so that they can add this to their revision for the test on Thursday this week.

We continue to talk about important attitudes in Mathematics, many of which are reflected in the MYP Learner Profile:
  • concentration
  • perseverance
  • logical organisation of written work
  • attention to detail and willingness to work hard

I am looking forward to seeing some of you next week at the Parent Interview night.

Kind Regards, Sheree Bennett



I encourage students to email me if they need help with any of their work or homework. I would also encourage them to see me to organise a one-to-one session if they need it.
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Congruent triangles and SSS | Congruence | Geometry | Khan Academy