Toms River High School East

Newsletter - October 4, 2021

Dear Families,

How was your week? Mine was wonderful at East. The kids are beginning to get into a rhythm and I am very appreciative of their positive mindset! The staff seem to be acclimating back to school and we are running in an orderly manner.

I spent the weekend enjoying the beautiful weather. My wife and I went to Argos and Silverton Farms on Saturday. Both quaint places! I watched a few games on Saturday and finished the Netflix series, Midnight Mass. I thought it was a relatively entertaining series and would recommend to others. I supported our NHS Leadership Workshop with Mrs. Morgan on Sunday (see below). I enjoyed meeting with the kids and helping out! My Vikings lost, yet again, on Sunday. I now know how a Jets fan must feel year after year (just kidding).

We held out Freshman Elections on Monday. Congratulations to our students who will be representing the Class of 2025 (see below).

Student Council celebrated Good Neighbor Day on Tuesday (see below). We are looking to engage in activities that support kindness and a civic mindset. Special thanks to the students and staff for their efforts this past week. We held our Monthly PTO meeting Tuesday evening in the Main Office Conference Room. Current members introduced themselves to our families and we discussed the goal of the PTO this year (building community relationships and positive parental involvement in the school). I enjoyed meeting our new parents and thank them for their interest. Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday October 26, 2021 at 6 pm. We held our Freshman Academy meetings Tuesday through Thursday (see below). Great job Mrs. Hines and Mrs. Gregorek for coordinating the workshops!

I met with our Junior Class during our respective assemblies on Wednesday. I spoke to the kids about being the best versions of themselves by appreciating why they are here, doing their best every day with integrity, being accountable, be a kind person and show respect, and to have fun (be involved) as a student at East! The kids were terrific!

I concluded our Class Assemblies on Thursday and met with our big boys and girls, the Seniors! I wanted them to reflect on how their legacy will be remembered and to add their value to our school community! Again, wonderful kids!

On Friday, we held our first Activity Day of the year. We presented a lesson to all of our students on Finding Your Purpose! The objective was to get our students to reflect on the value they are adding to this world and to pursue their passions accordingly. Thank you to Mrs. Fazzini and Mrs. Koenigstein for your support!

Good Neighbor Day!

Mrs. Rankin and Student Council members delivered Mums to our Neighbors on September 28th as part of National Good Neighbor's Day! Thank you Anna Gliatta, Emily Naecker, Sara Herbst, Hannah Fuschetto, Emily Cottone, Lexi Kisseberth, Allison Jackson, Meghan Lord, and Chloe Sexton for your kindness and for representing East with pride!

Freshmen Lunch Academies

Our Agenda:

We want our students involved in school activities. Please reinforce the importance of being involved and the impacts to individual social and academic success. Please check out our recent study on the benefits of extracurricular participation on school attendance, behavior, and academic performance.

Freshmen Elections!

Congratulations to the following students for representing the Class of 2025:

  • President: Mia Martinez
  • Vice President: Gabriella Gullace
  • Secretary: Sophia Pallen
  • Treasurer: Michael Pavao
  • Representatives: Lauren Barr, Anthony Goodwin, Addison Murphy, Hunter Petruska, Beatrice Russomano

NHS Leadership Workshop

The Raider Chapter's 1st Inaugural NHS Leadership & Service Workshop!

This Sunday, October 3, from 12-3 pm we held our 1st Inaugural Leadership & Service Workshop in the HS East Cafeteria & Patio for current members of the Raider Chapter of the National Honor Society. This was a meaningful, fun, interactive time for team-building, reflecting on our vision and mission, reinforcing our understanding of the 4 Key Pillars of NHS (Scholarship, Character, Leadership, and Service), strengthening our sense of ourselves as community leaders, and developing our Individual Service Project concepts to the point where they can become eligible for approval and execution!

Community Partner - Papa Johns

For the 2nd year, the franchise owner of Papa John's on Rt 37 Steve Waunsch has donated 25 free pizza certificates each month to HSE. We give the certificates to students and staff who pursue excellence. I would like to recognize Papa John for their generosity in supporting our school initiatives.


College and Career Committee

September 30, 2021 College and Career Minutes:

We are looking to create a career speaker series (similar to our Raiders on the Rise Lecture Series). We would like to bring in 2 professionals a month to speak to our students period 1 and/or 2 in the cafeteria. We would like to foster relationships with these professionals in the hope to create some opportunities for our students to shadow or intern in the future. Parents: If you can help, please reach out to me!

We will be looking to have our first speaker the week of October 18th. All speakers will be asked to infuse character education in their talk such as social media posting, decision making skills, etc.

We talked about having a financial fair. We have a connection with a bank that comes in and sets up stations for students to cycle through scenarios such as housing, cars, loans etc.

  • October 28, 2021 - Period 1: Donna Velardi is a Forensic Nurse and will speak to interested students on the career topic of Nursing.

Idea for Freshmen Academy...."Google Your Name" and see what comes up. At the end of the year google your name again see if you can make a positive impact on your electronic footprint. Be active in your community, is your name appearing in the school newsletter, the local sports paper etc.?

Employee of the Week!

Congratulations to our Employees of the Week, Mrs. Sammi Hvidding and Mrs. Michele Carter. Mrs. Hvidding and Mrs. Carter are our school nurses and have been working very hard in support of student and staff well being. Last week's recipient, Mrs. Brenda Cassidy, presented the award to our nurses! Thank you Mrs. Hvidding and Mrs. Carter for being positive reflections of our school community!

Big picture

Respectful Raiders!

Congratulations to Mason Kaleda and Kelsey Broderick for being recognized as Respectful Raiders this past week. Mason was recognized for his kindness to turn in a lost backpack to the Main Office. Kelsey was recognized for demonstrating Raider respect and kindness at her work. Kelsey was acknowledged on Facebook for doing her job with a smile under duress! Thank you Mason and Kelsey for being positive reflections of our school community!