Are you there God it's me Margaret?

BY:Judy Blume

Morgan Brown block 4


Margaret is the protagonist of the story. Margaret has long black hair and likes tuna fish, the smell of rain, and things that are pink. Margaret is frustrated because no matter how much she talks to God she is not maturing like all the other girls are.

Nancy Wheeler is a protagonist of the story. Nancy has bouncy hair and is taller than Margaret. She has a turned up nose that you can look up in to. Nancy has matured more than Margaret and is showing off because she thinks she will be the first to start her cycle and is going to have the biggest bra size out of her friends.

Phillip Leroy is a protagonist in the novel. Phillip is the boy in sixth grade that every girl wants to date. He is tall with wavy brown golden hair. Margaret and her friends are having a contest of who will be the first to kiss Phillip and in a fun game of spin the bottle Margaret gets to kiss Phillip.


The theme of the story is growing up. Throughout the whole story, Margaret and her buddies think about the aspects of maturing like making a club where they talk about boys, bras, and there first cycles. I came to understand the theme when Margaret and all her buddies started talking about girl stuff and making a secret club of there feelings. Also when Margaret described how developed the girls are in sixth grade.


The setting takes place in present Farbrook, New Jersey where Margaret and all her friends live and go to a public school. The majority of the setting takes place in Margaret's school and at extra curricular activities. This effects the character because if the setting was different parts of the story would be confusing for example they couldn't have class in a mall, or in a bakery that wouldn't make sense.

Conflict and Plot

Exposition The exposition of the story is the introduction of the characters in the story including Margaret, Lucy, and Phillip.

Conflict The conflict of the story was when Margaret was not maturing as quickly as most of the other girls in sixth grade. For example Gretchen was the most matured girl in the sixth grade. The conflict was man VS. self.

Rising Action The rising action of the story was when some of the girls where reaching the peak of puberty and Margaret wasn't even wearing a bra yet.

Climax The climax of the story was when Margaret was struggling with her personal identity .

Falling Action The falling action of the story tock place when Margaret actually started to blossom and was even able to start wearing a bra.

Resolution The resolution of the story came when Margaret had finally experienced all the other girls had been talking about for example wearing a bra, starting her cycle, and crushing on boys.

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Book Recomendation

I recommend this book to kids (girls) ages 9 and up. This book is meant for young girls to

help them get through some emotional times that are actually part of growing up and maturing. Personally this book is one of my favorites and I would read it to every girl going through the frustrations of puberty, especially the uneasiness of body image. I enjoy this book because you can tell that there was a lot of time and effort put into the content to show young ladies what you need to look forward to in the future. I think that a lot of girls will be helped by reading this book and won't feel as self conscious. I hope that more people read this book and that girls my age can relate to Margaret and learn something positive from it.

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