Grade 1 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

Week 6 Summer Term 2016: 9th - 13th May

Dates for the Diary

Thursday 19th May- Grade 1 Celebration of Learning 8am/ Maths Workshop 8.30 am

Friday May 20th- Family Picnic and Movie Night

Friday 27th May- Grade 1 Excursion to the Theatre

Tuesday 14th June- Optional PTC for Early Years

Friday 17th June- Last day of Summer Term

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Celebration of Learning and Singapore Maths Parent Workshops

Our classroom based Celebration of Learning event is coming up in a few weeks and we would like all parents to mark their calendars for a morning spent in their child’s classroom, sharing their child’s learning journey. This is your child’s moment to showcase the efforts and achievements they have made. Please remember that this event is well attended by all parents and your child will be really looking forward to sharing their learning with you!

Parents will still have the opportunity to view their child’s workbooks and journals, experience the learning of the classroom and view the learning displays both within and outside the room.

Following on from the Celebration of Learning, we will be hosting Maths workshops for parents, led by Mrs Juliana Wong our Early Years Maths Coordinator. Please register your attendance below.

Celebration of Learning 8.00 – 8.30am Thursday 19th May

Singapore Maths Workshop 8.30-9.00am Thursday 19th May

Topic: Number Bonds - Addition and Subtraction (with Regrouping)

The Learning Conversation

"The question, 'How do you learn?' demands quite different answers from the question 'What have you learned?' An in-depth appreciation of this difference is essential to understanding how you might improve your capacity for learning." Laurie Thomas & Sheila Harrie-Augstein

Engage in a learning conversation with your child to encourage the learner to talk in-depth about their learning experiences and focus on the process of learning rather than just the content of their learning.

  • What did you learn from doing this task/activity/project? Why did you find this interesting?
  • Why do you think you are learning this? Where else can you use this learning?
  • What has been the most enjoyable part of learning this?
  • What was challenging? – (Remember, it’s GOOD to be challenged!) Where did you struggle?
  • What helped you to learn this?

The Celebration of Learning event is all about your child showing you what they have learned.

If you would like to speak with your child’s teacher about any specific areas please do make an appointment.

Maths Workshop

Friday, May 13th, 8:30-9am

ES Dance Studio

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Swim Gala

IPC Unit of Work - Our World, Our Environment

This week in Unit of Work we have been enjoying sharing the children Country Fact Files.Thank you for your support with this project at home with your child. Some children have chosen to present their project to the whole class, while other have preferred to share in small groups or with a buddy. These presentations have broadened the children’s knowledge of the wider world and learned from interesting facts too. In AMC we learnt the following new historical facts…

· that the old name for France was Gaul

· Valley Point in Singapore used to be a prison and then a biscuit factory

· Captain Cook discovered Australia on 1770

· That Indonesia was a Dutch colony for over 300 years

We used a world map to locate the places we were presenting.

Our Flat Stanleys are still finding their way back home to us here in Singapore, and each class is creating a display to showcase all the wonderful information about his adventures.

Next week we will be reflecting on our unit and concluding with our Garden Asia Exit Point in the Pavilion on Friday.

Language Arts


This week we have continued working on the CAFÉ comprehension strategy of asking questions while we read. We can ask ourselves questions about ‘who?’ ‘what?’ ‘where?’ ‘why?’ ‘when?’ and ‘how?’. This helps us to make sure we have understood what we have read.

The students regularly respond to reading by doing a range of activities that help them to think about what they have read in their guided reading session with their teachers. These activities include things such as retelling what has been read, locating information, and noticing things about what they have read.


This week we have been using sense impressions (writing what we saw, heard, smelt, felt) to write about the Swim Gala. We know that choosing words carefully makes our writing easy to read.

This week in our Writers’ Workshop unit on All About Books we have been learning about writing captions and have practicing giving feedback to our peers.

Spelling, Phonics and Grammar

This week we have been learning about joining sentences using words like: and, or, but, because, as, while. Our spelling focus has been on the /oo/ sound made by ‘u’. (oo as in full)


This week we have continued to practise joining s to l.


Working on numbers to 20 this week, we revisted strategies to add and subtract but we also learnt new strategies to perform those operations.

In addition, we learnt to add by Counting On and Making 10, keeping in mind that we could still use our fingers or the number line to help us. We had earlier learnt to Count On for numbers to 10. This week, we applied the same strategy for bigger numbers. The Making 10 strategy was a little trickier but some of us took to it quite quickly. We are now equipped with several strategies to apply when adding and can choose the strategy with which we are most comfortable and confident in, to use!

In subtraction, we learnt to subtract by Counting Back and Subtracting from 10. Like for addition, we can also use our fingers and a number line to help us. We applied the same strategy learnt in numbers to 10, to count back in order to perform subtraction on larger numbers. Subtracting from 10 was a little trickier but again, it's always good to know strategies so we can pick which one we are most comfortable with in using!

Here are some games/resources we used in class this week:

Maths Games:


Next week, we'll be practising more on addition and subtraction within 20 and learning to solve word problems!

Virtues Corner

This week, Grade Ones learnt about Honesty. This is what Honesty looks like in Grade One.

I am showing Honesty when:

*I make promises I can keep.

*I admit my mistakes.

*I tell the truth tactfully.

I am honest. I can be trusted to keep my word. I admit my mistakes. I tell the truth, kindly and tactfully. I have no need to impress others. I accept myself as I am.

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