The Will to Survive

Jeremy Madison

The Kane Chronicles: The Red Pyramid

In this book, the main characters are Carter and Sadie Kane. They are born of Egyptian descent and they both are descendants of ancient Pharaoh bloodlines, making them the most powerful magicians to be born in 10 generations. Their bodies get possessed by gods, but they still have control over their bodies, making them extremely powerful. This is a problem because the House of Life, full of magicians, start chasing them trying to kill them. All the while they have to stop a powerful god from destroying earth with a huge sandstorm and get past many life threatening objects. They have to do this all by themselves, with a little help from a minor god. They have to risk their lives every day to save the world, but they persevere for their family and the sake of the world. They find the will to survive AND to get rid of the gods that made them so powerful, making them just ordinary 13-15 year old magicians with powerful blood.