The Amazing World of Kites

By: Andrea Silva

Imagine It! Build it! Fly it!

I chose the Della Porta kite because it was just a simple rectangular kite that would be, in my opinion, an easy beginners kite. It is known for it to be the easiest to fly which would be great for starters. Since this is my first time flying a kite, it would be perfect for me.

Our Materials

Our group's materials were:

garbage bags



rubber bands

wrapping paper


Different Kites?!

Kite History

The exact time and origin a kite is not yet known,but is believed that they were flown in China thousands of years ago.One of the legends says that when a random Chinese farmer tied a string onto his hat so it won't blow away from any strong winds, the first kite was born. Kite flying started to spread from China to Korea, and eventually got to Asia to India.

What's So Good About a Della Porta?

Well, I think Della Portas rock! They are rectangles and who could go wrong with that, right?! You can make any design and it would always look good (in my opinion). Now just think about what I've said and ,if you can, learn more about them today.
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