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November is upon us-so long October and that lovely extra hour of sleep we all neglected to utilize, I'm sure!

What a wonderful start to the school year, we have had a wonderful first two months of co-op! The children are growing more & more comfortable in their new environments. They are making fast friends and enjoying new adventures with old ones. We are indeed enjoying the brisk winds, now that fall is in full swing. That little bite in the air, that sends chills down your spine as it sneaks into the little opening at the top of your jacket... triumphant in its attack to make its presence felt!

As the rain falls and the crisp winds blow, the children still find time to enjoy one another. They admire the beautiful leaves that hang from the branches of playground trees. They sneak a glimpse at the migrating geese flying over head & often watch the beautiful deer that roam around the school grounds, we've on occasion seen them outside the snack-room windows... peeking in on the children with curious eyes. What life must seem like through their eyes, I often wonder and am ever amazed at their remarkable capacity to absorb their surroundings. As adults, we forget sometimes the pure beauty and joy in things, as the strains of life, the ever constant hustle and bustle

distract us... Thank goodness they are here to remind us!

What's happening in class this month & what's to come!

Thank you to all the parents & siblings who were able to accompany us to Sherman's Farm for our field trip! We had an excellent turn out and we wouldn't be able to accomplish this trip without such great success and help and support of our amazing parents! We're working with leaves and pine cones this month and incorporating them into all of our art activities!! The children are enjoying this month's fall activities! Leaves! Leaves! We are incorporating this fall season by using leaves and pinecones in our art endeavors! What better way to embrace the beautiful changes fall brings!

In December, the children will be working on Holiday Projects and cooking activities reflecting the beauty this festive holiday brings!

Notes to know

The turkey is a funny bird,

his head goes wobble, wobble

all he says is just one word

"Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!"

Books we Love this month

How Full is your Bucket, written by Tom Rath & Mary Reckmeyer

A special Thank You to our dear friend, and fellow co-op mom, Kelly, for sharing this book with us all! reminding us that it is indeed up to ourselves to help fill those buckets as diligently as we can!
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“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”

-Henry Adams

November, the month of Thankfulness

"When you think things are bad,

When you feel sour and blue,

when you start to get mad...

you should do what I do...

Just tell yourself, Duckie,

you're really quite lucky!

Some people are much more...

oh, muchly much-much more

unlucky than you!


Parents Tidbits

Shared Insight

The experts will continue to preach, that it is us as caregivers who must first take care of ourselves, so that we can in turn better care for those we love. That we must find time to nourish ourselves with much needed exercise, relaxation, good nutrition and sleep. (The last time I had a restful night of sleep was nearly a decade ago!) However, no matter how much we may all agree with these much needed "Luxuries", we can not so easily just hit the pause button on being a parent, (there aren't already enough hours in the day!) and steal a moment to take time for what may feel like self-indulgent endeavors, as we fight back the secret guilt we may be feeling, as if the act of doing something for ourselves were selfish.

I do feel however, that we as parents indeed, need to take a little time for our own self- nourishment, as it will indeed help us to have more fun, sleep better and will then be better versions of ourselves, better parents in the long run. The answers are never easy ones. We're all doing our best on any given day, trying to be the best selves we can. Figure out what works best for your family. Be the best teacher your child ever has. Help your children be the best they can be! When parents are involved, kids do better. When kids do better, they feel better, too.

There was a discussion last school year at one of the parent meetings talking about "Permissions". I wanted to share it with you, it encourages you to ask yourself these questions, in your role as a parent, then trying to put them into practice with your child.

It is OK to try something you don't know.

It is OK to make mistakes.

It is OK to take your time.

It is OK to find your own pace.

It is OK to do it your way.

It is OK to bungle-so next time you are free of the fear of failure enough to succeed.

It is OK to risk looking foolish.

It is OK to be original and different.

It is OK to wait until you feel ready.

It is OK to question the "should".

It is SPECIAL to be you.

It is necessary to make a "mess" which you should be willing to clean up because the act of creating is often MESSY.

Get out and try these for November!

Watch for white-tailed deer-they can be best spotted early morning & at dusk.

Collect birds' nests -as each spring most birds construct new ones (except owls & eagles, they use the same nests year after year). Can you tell what kind of birds dwelled there?

Search for witch-hazel flowers-it grows to be a large shrub/small tree and flowers in the month of November.

Start a nature notebook-fill it with leave rubbings, draw sites you see when you take a walk, even if it's just right outside your back door! Look around you, examine designs in nature, you'll see all sorts of interesting shapes and patterns, colors, textures!

Scrape some resin from a pine tree-you can boil the sap in some water and your house will be filled with the smell of pines!

Make folded paper plants & animals- the Japanese art of folding paper known as Origami, was brought to Japan from China during the 16th century.

Listen to composers using themes from nature. Classical composers such as Nicolai Rimsky-Korsakov, composing "Flight of the Bumblebee" are examples in which composers have written pieces that illustrate aspects of nature! When you listen to the music, can you picture what the title suggests?

Make a musical rattle-the first music instruments were percussion instruments, things that bang on, scrape together, and shake. They were made of materials found in nature.

Make a world animal map-the United States has a wide variety of animals & plants too because it has so many different habitats, but think of all the other animals found throughout the world.

See how the continents have drifted apart- Do you ever notice how many animals there are that live thousands of miles from one another-often oceans apart-how they may look very much alike?

Find out where some food plants might have originated from-If you could buy and consume, fruits and veggies that were native to your supermarkets, your selection would be very small...

Play a nature game from another culture-Many games include regional customs & a lot reflect the native plants and animals of national importance. In Taiwan, children play a came called "Growing Rice," in Ghana, a game called "The Boa Constrictor." Both Dakota & Cheyenne North American Indians play games about bears; the Eskimos have a game called, "musk Oxen". The Pueblo Natives play a game called "The Coyote and he Sheep" Have you ever played any of these games?

November Birthdays

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Tasty bites to try!

Upcoming Events

Friendship Feast

Wednesday, Nov. 19th, 9am


Kids will be making stone soup, please bring one item for our soup, sign up sheets are located on the parent communication board & we will be making it for all to enjoy! Feast will be held the last 45 minutes of each class time! Everyone is invited, please join us!

CWCP Christmas Parade

Saturday, Dec. 6th, 3:30pm

1203 W Terry Rd

Coupeville, WA

Families meet at Ebey Bowl @ 3:30pm as the parade starts @ 4:00pm. Parents are invited & welcome to join us, either walking along or are welcome to ride on the trailer with us!

CWCP Family Christmas Party

Thursday, Dec. 18th, 6pm


Family Christmas Party! Holiday craft projects, activities & it's a potluck! The kids can enjoy singing & a visit with Santa Claus!! sign up sheets for this event will be posted on the parent communication board, watch for this to come, we hope to see you all there!

Upcoming Fieldtrips

Ciao Pizza & PJ Party

Wednesday, Dec. 3rd, 10am

701 N Main St

Coupeville, WA

BOTH CLASSES ARE WELCOME TO JOIN IN @ BOTH EVENTS! (am invited to CIAO and pm invited to movie!) What a treat, to learn how pizza is made & a special tour by Mark Laska, owner of Ciao & amazing pizza aficionado! Parents, please note that following Ciao, we'll meet back at Living Hope Four Square Church & it is located on Broadway in Coupeville for a PJ party and movie! Please join us for a wonderful day of fun! Movie to start @ 12:30 on the big screen promptly following our visit to Ciao restaurant! Popcorn will be served, please wear your favorite PJ's, bring your favorite blanket!


Please note this important change on your calendar!

Please remember that due to the church hosting their annual Christmas event on December 4th, classes will be held at their regular times at a new location;

Living Hope Four Square Church

Northwest Broadway avenue

Coupeville, WA 98239

Join us!!

Our 4th Annual Shamrock 5K fun run/walk/kids dash is fast approaching as March 14th is just around the corner! Please get your feelers out in the community and lets promote our race! This is our biggest fundraiser for our small CWCP! This fundraisers is very important to our school! Please contact Cheree Francart @ (360) 621-8775, if you know of willing or potential sponsors/donors that might want to support our event! Thank you all for supporting our school & thank you for taking an active role in our children's education! More information to follow!!!

CWCP Gear order forms coming soon!

We'll be ordering shirts and sweaters again so that we can all show our Co-op pride, keep an eye out... we'll be getting that underway soon!

Cold season is here!

The sniffles have arrived, for your convenience you can now send a quick text to Mrs. Tami's phone if your child will be out of class for the day. We often wait for our friends to arrive before we start circle time. The children are always worried when their friends are absent!

Parent Central

is located in the hallway! With bulletin boards for both morning and afternoon classes, as well as community news & most important CWCP Happenings! Please take a moment to peek at the boards on your way in or out, as to not miss an information that we might post for school events as well as Community Happenings!

Thank you, Merci, Gracias!

Thank you to all the parents that brought in snack for the month of October, the children had some amazing festive bites you prepared!

CWCP Board Members 2014-2015 School year

Michelle Crisman, Board President

Kari Habeck, Treasurer

Kelly Powers, Secretary

Mindy Grove, Am Parent Coordinator

Mikel Peabody, Pm Parent Coordinator

Cheree Francart, Public Relations

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