Mrs. Sanna's Sleuths 14th Edition

Newsletter February 5, 2016

Things To Know

  • We do not have a Valentine's Day party; yet we do share Valentine cards with our classmates. There are 23 students in our class. There is no need to address the outside of the envelopes
  • No School on February 15th for Presidents' Day


Thank You and Requests

  • Thanks for all of your kind words and well wishes during my recovery. Your support is greatly appreciated!
  • We could use some additional pretzels for our classroom " I forgot my snack" supply
  • Please send in any as many brown paper grocery sacks that you can for a Valentine's Day craft. I know many people use recyclable bags that is why I am asking for as many as you can spare
  • AGS PTO has an app for smartphones. Please consider downloading it. I did, and it is really nice, and will help keep you in loop regarding upcoming events
  • THe AGS Fun Fair is March 4th, please consider donating to the 2nd grade basket for the raffle drawings.