Master Calendar POC Updates-05.09

Version 3.1- Read-Only & Add Dates to Multiple SP Calendars

Hello Master Calendar POCs,

As we have been rolling out the Master Calendar these past couple of months throughout each Region, our intentions were to create a Master Calendar that schools could not only use to organize and gather dates, but to share out as a Read-Only version with other staff members at your school. This new updated version, Master Calendar Version 3.1, has some wonderful new upgrades that we hope you will enjoy!

IMPORTANT: As this calendar is coming to fruition, many K12 National and Regional staff members are going to want to start making use of the Master Calendar to pull and gather your schools dates, so please make sure you are entering in your dates in the Master Calendar, syncing them to SharePoint, get them in by the May 30th deadline and ensure they are accurate. The purpose for this calendar is to help gather all school dates in one place, increase visibility to more people, and to reduce the number of questions being asked for school dates by National and Regional K12 staff.

Please take the time to go through and view the updates that have been made to the Master Calendar and ensure that you as Master Calendar POCs switch over to using the new version 3.1 to enter in your dates.

Should you have any questions related to the Master Calendar, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Regional Master Calendar POCs.

Thank you!

Kayla Mahoney

Master Calendar Version 3.1

Ensure you have the latest version the Master Calendar (Version 3.1)

Previous Master Calendar POC Training

In case anyone needs to access previous Master Calendar POC training recording.

New Updates!

There have been some major and some minor updates to the new Master Calendar Version 3.1.

Minor updates

Some of the minor updates to version 3.1 include:

  • Combining SharePoint Sync and Tool Icons together in the navigation bar
  • SharePoint sync formatting change-- New layout
  • After logging into SharePoint, you are taken to the sync form right away
  • Person ID field added to New school calendar setup form when setting up instructional cycles, terms and school year, so you can compare Service Now dates with your calculated dates.

Major updates to the Calendar:

Ability to connect to Multiple SharePoint Calendars

That's right! You heard it! You are now able to connect to multiple SharePoint calendars.

  • What does that mean? You'll not only be able to Sync your dates to the Regional Calendar, but if you have a school SharePoint site and would like dates to be synced to your school SharePoint calendar in addition, you now have the ability to do so with Master Calendar version 3.1

  • How? If you would like to add dates to your own school SharePoint site as well, through the use of the Master Calendar, you will need to contact your Regional POC, Amy Moore ( and myself ( to get an this initially set up within your schools SharePoint site.

Ability to create a Read-Only Version

Master Calendar POC's have the ability to create a Read-Only version to send so other staff members can view dates within the Access database template in a read-only format. Instructions on how to create a Read-Only version are included within the Master Calendar Resources.

Copy Dates to Another SP Calendar

If you have your Master Calendar connected to multiple SharePoint calendars, within the Search tool, you are able to copy your dates over to another calendar to avoid having to enter in dates multiple times.

Ability to Select All

Within the Sync process, the ability to select all dates to edit/change versus just one within the SharePoint sync form.

Updating to a Newer Version of the Calendar

Since you are receiving a new version of the Master Calendar, Master Calendar POCs will need to update to this newest version of the Calendar. Please watch the following video below to update to a newer version without losing your dates and ensure all your dates are transferred over correctly to your new calendar.

Updating to a Newer Version of the Master Calendar

Master Calendar Office Hours- Stop by if you have questions!

Purpose: Office hours to assist school Master Calendar POCs with answering questions, providing support, and help with setting up and maintaining the Master Calendar for all Regions.


When: Fridays 12-1 PM ET/11-12 PM CT/10-11 AM MT/9-10 AM PT

Contact your Regional Master Calendar POC for further help--Contact Info Below

Blended: Ashley Barr:

Central: Kayla Mahoney:

Northern: Cody Mathers:

Southern: Kathy Chillstrom:

Western: Cecily Kiester: