Hallman Updates

Happy New Year!

Supply Needs

We need your help with some classroom supplies.

  • Skinny dry erase markers in black, green, and blue
  • Ticonderoga Pencils
  • Kleenex
  • Pencil cap erasers

Any supplies you are able to send are greatly appreciated. :)

Book Orders

Please help our class earn a free book for every child in February. Most books are less than $5. If our class order is $50 or more, EVERY child will get to choose a free book in February from Scholastic. Book orders are due online by January 29, 2016. You can also send in a paper book order form by the 29th as well to place an order.

Visit: https://clubs2.scholastic.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/LogonForm

Class Code: L4WGY

What's Going On In Our Class?


We continue to practice fluency, reading/ writing, comprehension strategies, and stamina during our literacy workstations. Our books each week are focused on a weekly theme and are used daily to model and practice a variety of comprehension strategies. Our workstations are transitioning to a digital platform using Google Classroom and our class website. Students are expected to be productive at each station daily. Feel free to check out our class website to see what options your child has at most of the literacy workstations each week. mCLASS assessments are also going on to identify your child's current reading level.


We continue to practice problems of the day with Kahoot. We also use MobyMax for 10 minutes each day to practice math facts. Brief lessons on a math skill are introduced weekly using interactive math notebook games. Ask your child to show you his/her math journal. Journals can go home everyday for practice; however, please send back to school so your child is able to make additional journal entries.


We are working on opinion writing. Students type opinion pieces and short stories using Google Docs and Google Classroom. The completed writing is shared with me for review and editing. If you have access to the internet, ask your child to go on the MGSD Digital Resources site: https://sites.google.com/a/mgsd.k12.nc.us/mgsd-digital-resources/ and login to Google to show you his/her writing.

A Look In Our Class

Christmas Lunch

Thank you so much for your help in making the Christmas lunch a success. The children had a fabulous time! :)
Once you've read the newsletter, please have your child tell me what sports team is their favorite. Thanks so much for reading our newsletter! :)
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