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Weekly Update for March 6, 2015

Important Upcoming Dates

Parent Informational Meeting - CAASPP and State Testing

  • Tuesday, March 10 at 3:00: Please join us for an informative meeting to learn about California's new testing and assessment program. We look forward to answering your questions!

Upcoming Spring Break

  • March 16 - March 27: Enjoy your Spring Break!
California State Testing (SBAC/CAASPP)
  • April 7 - April 10: Mark your calendar for these important dates. Specific times and dates for each grade level will be coming soon.

Have Questions About the SBAC? CAASP?

Please take the survey below.

Do you have questions about the SBAC? CAASPP? We want to hear your questions!

We will be answering the questions submitted using the survey below at our Parent Informational Meeting on Tuesday, March 10.

Tech Tip - Introducing the YouTube App for Kids

Introducing the YouTube Kids app

Update for K-6 Enrichment

  • This week we began a new series of Enrichment Classes on Wednesdays.
  • Ms. DeDe's class will be working on the iPads. The students will create books and learn on various Language Arts apps and Mathematics apps. They will also work on Keyboarding skills, that will help prepare them for the new SBAC testing that is coming up in the spring.
  • Ms. Nonie's class will began learning about the famous artist Monet. Next week students will begin a new project using techniques that Monet used.
  • Ms. Janina will continue to work on intervention skills in the area of reading comprehension and vocabulary. Students will continue to use Lexia to help in all areas of Language Arts.

Vendor News

  • Just a reminder that Hutchins Street Square is now a vendor. If you are interested in having your child attend a class, please see your teacher and fill out a voucher request form.
  • Hutchins Street Square offers many various classes ranging from guitar classes, ballet, children’s chorus, pottery/clay class and lots more.
  • More Vendors are being added. More information will be coming soon.

Vista Oaks' First Yearbook

  • Work on the Yearbook Has Begun - We have a great Yearbook Committee of our very own high school students, here at Vista Oaks. The committee will be taking pictures during school and at school events.
  • Picture Day- All of the pictures that have been taken at school with our wonderful parent, (Crystal Miller) will be going into our yearbook.
  • We Would Love Your Pictures - If you have any pictures you would like to submit to the yearbook committee, please email them to DeDe Wall at
  • Yearbooks Will Be Available for Purchase - You will be able to purchase our very first yearbook, very soon. You will be able to purchase the yearbook online or fill out the paper that will be coming home. If you want to pre-buy your yearbook at school, we will only be accepting cash.
  • Special Opportunity - For our yearbook, you will have the option of doing a 1 page layout for your own child's photos. Parents will be able to login to the yearbook site, upload your photos, decorate your page. More information to come on this wonderful opportunity to create a personalized yearbook page.
  • Watch for More Updates - Please watch for more details about this in the next Friday Update. Start getting your pictures together for your own personalized page.

Vista Oak's Student Learner Outcomes

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