Way up in the sky....

the little birds fly...

Way down in the nest, the little birds rest.

With a wing on their left; and a wing on their right; the little birds go to sleep at night.
Then up comes the sun, and the dew melts away;
Good morning, good morning, the little birds say!

(We do this before our story/rest time and the children LOVE it!)

Baby Malaki has come over the rainbow bridge to join Lauren, Richmond, Jayden and Kiana!

I am so excited to see all the healthy children tomorrow!

Thank you all for keeping your little ones cozy and warm when they are not 100% - it really shows!


Please save costumes for the parade and other outside-school gatherings.
I am not a candy supporter and find Halloween to be quite scary, for myself, let alone the children; so prefer to keep this particular festival low-key. (I was the parent who used to hand out peanuts and other nuts in their shells when the children came to my door, then find them scattered all over the yard in the morning!) Dave, on the other hand, LOVES Halloween!

We passed our inspections with flying colors!

This week we had our visit from the health department and the Child Care Division, one after the other, and are all-approved once again! They really like coming here and are so supportive and helpful. I have one little form to have you sign; so keep an eye out for it! (Chances are, Dave will have it on his clip-board!)