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Scribe Carves Wrong Cuneiform

A scribe with the name of Yemenaki Laquia had customers at his shop, Carve Up. A priest ,Joanda Lamishad, had his suspicions. So, Joanda decided to see if Yemenaki really had been to school to become a scribe. Joanda walked into Carve up to see what was up. Joanda only had one word carved into a tablet and already had found a mistake. Yemenaki was imprinting the triangles the wrong way. Yemenaki had confronted him there and he confessed that he didn't go to school to be a scribe. So, later today, Yemenaki will be thrown into the river to see if he is worthy of the gods.

The top ten most expensive items in Mesopotamia

1. Tablets at a raging price of 33 minas of silver.

2. Meat at 31 minas of silver

3. Metals- 29 ears of corn

4. Garments- 27 minas of silver

5.Jewelry-25 minas of silver

6.Lapis Lazuli- 23 minas of silver

7. Carts- 21 minas of silver

8. Weapons (knifes...) 19 minas of silver

9. Horses- 17 minas of silver

10.Plows- 13 minas of silver

What Job Will You be????? (for 12 and under)

1. You often find yourself thinking about:

a. your dog

b. the new idea you had to improve something

c. doing cuneiform on your new clay tablet

2. What is your favorite hobby:

a. dreaming about your horse

b. tinkering with metal

c. trying to write on clay tablets

3. What is your favorite food:

a. Lettuce

b. Corn

c. Tomato

4. Favorite Stone:

a. Potato


c. Lapis Lazuli

5. Favorite Smell:

a. Fertilizer

b. Lavender

c. Clay

Mostly A's: Animal Domesticator

Mostly B's: Inventors

Mostly C's: Scribe

Interview with Scirbe Tigraph

Q: Would you recommend school to other boys?

A: Ummmm..... I guess so. My school teacher was mean to me and whipped me when I didn't get the cuneiform right.

Q: What was the most complicated thing to learn when you were in school?

A: Learning accept the punishment I got when I was talking.....whipped.

Q: Ok, Tigraph, this is our last question for you. Did you like your teacher.

A: Yes, I my teacher taught me a lot. I never appreciated the whipping, but I know it was for my own good.

Hammurabi Releases Code that let's Men and Women get Divorced.

Good News!!! Good News!!!! Hammurabi just released a code letting women and men who are married allowed to divorce. He released a law stating that if a man divorces a women he has to pay her five minas of silver and vice versa. So, if you are in an unhappy marriage just scream Tigramat's Divorce Service and we will be right there in 1.22224 minutes. Also, if you husband is abusing you, scream Matterats and we will put up a fight for you.

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The editor of this newspaper (Ishtar) which means star in Sumerian. She is extremely lucky she got this job but her boss dislikes her. Therefore if you find any mistakes tell me (her boss) immediately. I am 100% serious.

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