Copacabana PS Technology

Term 3 Week 7/8

English curriculum

Australian Curriculum English Sample Portfolios, examples of Satisfactory, Above Satisfactory and Below Satisfactory achievement for each Stage. Scroll down the page to find the work sample portfolios as downloadable pdf's

Glenmore Park Learning Alliance have kindly shared the English Units they have prepared. Updated links to all of them are available here

I have added 34 new English Units and Lesson Plans to the Australian Curriculum Example Units page on the Copacabana website.

Mr Heath has some excellent English, Maths and Science YouTube videos for use in the classroom.


This is a great site for creating on-line quizzes.


Thanks Stu Hasic


Interesting Maths blog...

Some excellent ideas for adding quality to our questions which requires "...a little more than just remembering a fact or reproducing a skill". Math Coach's Corner


Monitor the noise level in your class using one of these visual, interactive sites

These 2 sites allow the teacher to indicate the noise level by selecting the appropriate traffic light.

iPad apps (free and Pro versions)


Click on the thumbnails below to check out the awesome Superheroes and Superhero Comics Stage 3 have made during technology time.