November at Fusion!

A Culinary Tour of the World

Here's the gist...

During the month of November, Fusion kids will be immersed in the world of International Cuisine! Students will be given the opportunity to learn about and create dishes from France, Mexico and China. In addition to cooking, students will be introduced to the customs and culture indicative of the region being studied and will learn how to read and write menus and recipes! Art will be inspired by Carl Warner as well as the spices, fruits and vegetables that students will be cooking with. Each week will end with a feast inspired by the region.

Carl Warner's Landscapes Made of Foodstuffs | euromaxx

Week 4 is all about Thanksgiving!

The last week of November will be dedicated to sharing our own cultures and traditions through a week-long celebration of Thanksgiving. Please be on the lookout for a sign up sheet for our Thanksgiving feast!

Want to learn more about specific learning goals?

Visit our website for specific details on all of the learning goals Fusion Kids are reaching for this month. They are both theme-based and skill-based so your little one will walk away from the month with not only a wealth of knowledge about the world around them, but some practical skills to be put to use!

New South Yuba City location coming soon!

Our newest location at 613 Bogue Road is coming soon. We are shooting for an opening date in February 2014! It's going to be a great location for us... right across the street from Starbucks! Can't get much better than that! Stay tuned for updates on our progress by "liking" us on facebook! We cannot wait to finally be able to provide our services to South YC!

Learn more about Fusion!

Visit our website or FEL on facebook to learn more about our schools and curriculum. It's an approach to early learning that leaves students excited and engaged in the world around them using a method uniquely our own. Looking forward to connecting with you all soon! We currently have locations in Marysville, Yuba City and Roseville, CA. With one Fusion Early Learning School in Sarasota, FL.