Abraham Lincoln

By:Gabriela soto


February 12,1809

Death date-April 15,1865

Famous for

Abraham Lincoln was famous for leading the county through the civil war,Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of the united states.


Abraham Lincoln's childhood is that on February 12,1809 the 16th president of the united states was born in a log cabin.

Did Abraham Lincoln go to school

Abraham Lincoln did not live close to a school.Abraham Lincoln taught himself to read and be a lawyer.


Abraham Lincoln's father,Thomas,decided to move to island for better farmland.In island there was,black soil.They sold there old farm for $125 and traveled 200 miles before they stopped in island.


Abraham Lincoln side American will never be destroyed from the outside.If we falter and lose our freedom.It will be because we destroyed our selves.

Quotable Quote

I learned something important about Abraham Lincoln is that he did not go to school.He taught himself to read and to be a lawyer.

Life Lesson

Abraham Lincoln was nice.He was also a great guy who did lot's of speeches.He was also a layer.He taught himself to read and to be a layer.