Number the Stars

Lois Lowry

by Lindsey Baczkowski

The general summary

Number the Stars is a semi-fictional book about a young girl named Annemarie Johansen, in Copenhagen, Denmark around the time of September 1943. This time was when it was three whole years of Nazi occupation in the country. Annemarie's friend (who is Jewsish) Ellen, both go to the same school and live in the same apartment building. When Ellen's parents flee to hide from the Germans, she stays with the Johansens to keep safe. Germans come in and look for Ellen but she pretended to be one of the daughters. The family goes to see the son, Henrik, who is a fisherman. The plan was to cargo people. Annemarie becomes a big help to her brother who is helping Jews go somewhere safe by ship, and Ellen was on board. She never saw Ellen again, but she was assured they would meet. Anne told herself to wear the star pendant until she reunites with her best friend.


"What's happening?" Annemarie asked when she and Ellen were alone with papa in the room. "Something's wrong. What is it?" Papa's face was troubled. "I wish that I could protect you children of this knowledge," he said quietly.

In this quote, Annemarie's dad is trying to explain to the girls what's happening with relocating the Jews. She knew that the Jewish shops were closing, but Annemarie didn't know the extent of the German's intention. Mr. Johansen is trying to not tell them because not knowing everything can be a form of protection. Annemarie is young and naive to probably truly understand the situation, but she is definitely a curious girl.

For a moment, Annemarie, listening, it seemed like all the earlier times, the happy visits to the farm in the past with summer daylight extending beyond bedtime, with the children tucked away in the bedrooms and the parents downstairs talking.

With this quote, it's telling that Annemarie has a passion for nostalgia. She misses how things used to be, and she seems a little regretful.

Annemarie admitted to herself, snuggling in the quiet dark, that she was glad to be an ordinary person who would never be called upon for courage.

This quotation from the book says that Annemarie is very brave and wise beyond her years. Even if she doesn't want to protect and fight, she will do it.


Recommendation: I personally think this book is a good read, and I don't like to read much. I've read it before and it's always been a good story. Some things are a little difficult to understand and comprehend if the reader isn't very aware about the WWs and the Holocaust.

Reflection: This book was a story about friendship, bravery, knowledge, and also about the war and how it affects people. It just so happened to affect Annemarie's family and friends. I can relate with my friend Jasmine. I'd do anything to be there for her and keep her safe.

3 Things about the Holocaust:
One thing I learned is that when Annemarie and her family went to visit her brother at a shipyard, the plan was to hide the Jews and take them somewhere safe. People were helping, not bystanding.
Second thing I noticed is that many Jews would not just hide alone, they would lie and disguise themselves as non Jews with friends.
The third thing I learned from the book is that soldiers wouldn't just patrol in the cities, they would literally be posted up at corners of neighborhoods and in front of houses. They gave no one any privacy.

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