Mackenzie Bayne

Geographical bonfires

  1. North is Indiana ocean
  2. South is Indiana ocean
  3. East is Indiana ocean
  4. West is Indiana ocean

Madagascar the capital is Antananarivo.

The population is 27,599,098 people

Madagascar is surrounded by the Indian ocean.


  1. Many tribes settled in Madagascar.Some tribes were Malayo-Polynesians.
  2. The French rulers took over in 1986.
  3. Queen Ravanlone took over in 1896.
  4. 52% of Madagascar believe in sprites like Native Americans.

people and places

  1. Baoba trees are the largest trees found Madagascar.
  2. One animal is a lemur we see them in zoos well, what if one crawled on you?
  3. More than have are native in Madagascar.
  4. 41% believe in Christianity.


  1. Soccer ball is the most popular sport in Madagascar.
  2. People love to dance in Madagascar.
  3. Independence day is in June 26.
  4. There is not a lot of school because there poor in Madagascar. -


  1. Did you know that Madagascar has a president.
  2. Most people walk or ride a bus.
  3. Madagascar is the poorest country.
  4. Things that grow in Madagascar are potato,cloves,villain and ect.

Fun facts

  1. Madagascar is famous for its lemurs.
  2. Lemurs are only found in Madagascar.
  3. The biggest lemur is the black and white Indri lemur.


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