by: Allison, Cynthia, and Austin

Procedure Author

Our procedures are:

  1. Go in testing room with Tychem chemical protection suits.

  2. Get a non-HIV monkey and a HIV monkey.

  3. Roll their cages into the testing room.

  4. Release them from the cages.

  5. Make sure to release a monkey on each side.

  6. Release 40 female mosquitoes into the testing room through the holes in the wall.

  7. Wait until (at most one day) the mosquitoes bite the monkeys.

  8. Watch the monkeys carefully with video cameras

  9. If the monkey contaminate each other put them back and repeat steps 1-8 using different monkeys and mosquitoes. If not continue on.

  10. Use the HIV tests on the monkeys.

  11. Record results.

  12. Put monkeys back into cages.

  13. Roll the monkey cage back to the holding room

  14. Put toxin in the room.

  15. Burn the chemicals so there is no trace of existence.

  16. Do steps 14 and 15 after every test.

Materials Manager

  • 100 primates (50 are HIV negative, 50 are HIV positive

  • 100 identical cages, with metal bars, spaced 10 cm apart, on all of the side of the cage

  • water and feeding bowls

  • 400 female mosquitoes in water, capable of laying viable eggs

  • Grade A primate food, “Monkey Chow”, served daily at the cafeteria

  • Water

  • 100 HIV tests (capable of detecting HIV instantaneously)

  • 2 identical, empty rooms (30mx30m) with air tight doors and windows, supplied with fresh air and air conditioning.

  • Video Cameras

  • Chemical protection suits

  • Jars

  • Cart w/ wheels

  • Mithaying Gas

Layout Designer

Our layout design is two rooms separated with monkeys and mosquitoes. The rooms are connected by a testing room where we will test the monkeys and mosquitoes.
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If the we tested mosquitoes conductivity of HIV amongst the monkeys then the monkeys would get HIV.


All of the monkeys ended up having HIV because of them being in the same room and the HIV spread in different ways.


If you test the conductivity of H.I.V between two monkeys by using mosquitos then the non H.I.V monkeys will get H.I.V.