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Monday, August 24th, 2020-Friday, September 4th, 2020

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Student Grades & the Daily Plan in the OLS

Over the past few days, several families have asked about their child’s grades within the grade book. At this time, we are continuing to adjust settings within the grade book as well as adjust the expected progress – or the overall number of lessons – that students will complete within each course for the school year. We anticipate having this all adjusted by Friday, August 28th. For now, please be aware that grades may not accurately reflect your child’s current grade.

Additionally, we are continuing to adjust the daily plan for students in the OLS to align to assignments on the Bison On-Track calendar. This should all be completed by the end of the day today, August 21st. We appreciate your patience as both of these are items that cannot be completed until the first day of school and we work on them behind the scenes after classes and communications with families. If you continue to see a discrepancy beginning Monday, August 31st, please contact your homeroom teacher and we will look at this on a student by student basis.

Please don’t worry about grades during the first few days of school. These days are spent learning routines and getting to know students as you build a foundation for the year. Teachers will alert you to when everything is ready and you can start monitoring grade books. For now, just remember daily logging in and using the Bison On-Track Calendar is the priority.

Student Spotlight

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Math: Order of Operations

In Summit Math 5, Unit 1 is Order of Operations:

If this lesson is to challenging right now for your student, then you may need to back up and work on missing digit problems. For example, 5 + x = 10 what is the missing digit. They will need to be able to use mental math and understand how to check solutions for expressions involving variables when the variable is unknown. The variable is simply a letter, or a symbol placed in the math problem. The students will then use an algebraic concept and process to represent and solve problems that involve those variables.

Links to Video Lessons

Intro to Order of Operations in 4th grade, Khan Academy


2 step Order of Operations 5th Grade Khan Academy


5th Grade Order of Operations


5th Grade Order of Operations #2


Math Antics


Math TGA #1 Unit 1 Lesson 8 Big Ideas: Mini Project

  • Due August 31st

  • Focus: Emoji puzzles use emojis to represent specific numbers in equations. The answer to the puzzle is the value of the question mark in the last equation. The other equations are clues to the number that each emoji represents. In this mini-project, you will solve an emoji puzzle. Then you will create your own emoji puzzle.

  • Once finished, students may File Share their Emoji Puzzle with their Homeroom teacher or attach it to an email and submit it that way.

If your student struggle with Order of Operations, one reason can be that they are struggling with their math facts. Encourage daily practice of Math facts to produce fluency using flash cards or interactive Math games and apps. Below are a few helpful resources:




Reading / ELA

We will wrap up our Author study this week and begin working on TGA #1, which is your very own Narrative essay. Have no fear, the OLS will walk you through each step in constructing your Narrative.

We will end Unit 1 with a Mini-Project. This Mini-Project (constructing a letter from the point of view of Sarah from the story Sarah, Plain and Tall) will also be Writing Sample #1 and will be turned into your homeroom teacher (either by File Share or email).

We will then move into Unit 2: Fascinating Tales from History. You will revisit your Narrative in Unit 2 as you work on Prewriting (lessons 6 & 7) and Drafting (lessons 8 & 9).

Please see below for the rubric (Grade 5 Writing Rubric) that will be used in grading your Teacher Graded Assignments (TGAs) this year.

Tips and Tricks for a Smooth Year


In Science Unit 2, we will continue exploring how the Earth's spheres interact with each other. We will also scuba through the enchanting ocean waters.

9/08/2020 U2, L2

9/10/2020 U2, L3

9/15/2020 U2, L4

9/17/2020 U2, L5

Some Extra Fun: Create a place to collect art items and recyclables you may want to use for creating things in Science.

  • Attendance is extremely important for all class connects. Even though Science is considered “optional” it is still highly encouraged.
  • Create a family schedule so everybody knows when students are in class connects
  • Come prepared! Cook, eat, use the restroom, feed animals, do chores, run errands before/after class connects.
  • Stay on track every day with the On-Track Calendar.
  • Check USA Test Prep regularly for assignments, quizzes, and “Tickets Out the Door.”
  • Email all teachers (Homeroom, Interventionist, SpEd) when the student will be absent.
  • Clean out cache and cookies regularly to help with computer speed and memory.



  • Watch recordings of class connects missed. Here is a helpful video to demonstrate how to access recordings through the OLS.


  • All OLS (Online School) lessons require 80% Mastery for completion. The video below demonstrates a lesson that has not been marked complete because it was not mastered by the student.


  • It is highly encouraged students have 3 notebooks (simple one subject notebooks are perfect) so that they may take notes in Math, Reading and Science classes.

Important Upcoming Dates

  • August 31st: Math TGA #1 Due
  • September 1st: Electives and PE courses begin
  • September 3rd: Writing Sample #1 Due
  • September 7th: No School - Labor Day
  • September 29th: ELA TGA #1 Due

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