Prince The Bear

Prince's Story


One day, I was sitting on a shelf in the F.A.O store in London, England. I was starting to get lonely because there weren't many other bears. After a couple weeks of waiting, a man put me into his red and gold shopping basket. I was so happy to be going to a home


Soon the man took me home to his little daughter, Mackenzie. She had red hair and a lot of freckles. She played with almost all day long and then she slept with me at night. I was obviously her favorite toy. She took me EVERYWHERE with her!! I loved living with her. Every day she would dress me in a different outfit and at night she would put pajamas on me. we would always stay up late watching Dora The Explorer and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse together while eating chocolate.

One day...

On Mackenzie's 10th birthday, she got a new doll named Saige. She played with Saige for a while, but then she got bored. I always knew that I was her favorite, so I didn't get worked up about it. Eventually she slowly stopped playing with Saige, and she started playing with me again.

Current Day

Even today, Mackenzie still plays with me every week, and she sleeps with me every night. I will always be Mackenzie's favourite toy. Mwa Ha ha ha haaa!!! >:)
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