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Acton Weekly Update: 9/22/2017

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Brook Wessel-Burke

Cell: 317-331-1920

Twitter: @bwesselburke

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T.E.A.M. Together Everyone Achieves More

EVERY SECOND COUNTS! Whether you are in a business profession or working with students. We can't spend our valuable time in meaningless (for lack of a better word) conversations. When we learn a new strategy or a new way to teach, we must act- not sit around and think of road blocks. We are in a very interesting time where we are being exposed to new ideas all the time. Sometimes we need to weed things out and only do the ones that we believe will have the most positive impact on our students. But, we can't sit back and do nothing. When we KNOW- We GO!

Curriculum and Instruction

Draft of the 2 Hour Delay Schedule: Please talk as a team to Lindsey, Kat, Trina and Mandy Scherger to work out ELA and Math times that work best for your teams around the RA and lunch times.

Related Arts/ Lunch

K-- 2:55-3:25 /11:20-11:50

1--2:20-2:50/ 11:35-12:05

2--1:45-2:15 /12:50-1:20

3--12:00-12:30/ 12:35-1:05

4--11:25-11:55/ 11:55-12:25

5--10:55-11:25 /12:15-12:45

IA's will need to cover all lunches and will have limited T2 and T3 availibility.

Grading Window- Q1

Friday the 29th- end of the quarter.

The grading window is open for posting grades from:

Monday, Sept. 25th at 7:00 AM- October 5th at 5:00 PM.

Since many of our teachers start PTC on Monday morning, I'm asking that grades be entered and posted by noon on Friday, Sept. 29th. That gives us time to check, print and distribute report cards to teachers before you leave on Friday and then you are ready to go first thing Monday morning. IF for some reason your TEAM needs the printing timeline altered slightly, please let me know so Sarah and I can adjust our printing schedule.

Nuts and Bolts

Parent Teacher Conferences Coming Soon!

October 4th 3:30-7:00pm

October 5th 4:00-7:30pm

Reminder- There will be no PD or PLC that week. You are encouraged to use the mornings to meet with parents so that your Wednesday and Thursday conferences aren't as tight on time.

We will use PTCFast.com again to set up conferences. The timeline for conference set up should be as follows:

September 18th Send out PTC Fast Invite. Parents will have the week to sign up. Please check in with anyone who has not signed up by September 21st.

September 25th Sign up any families that have not yet signed up.

September 29th Send out reminders to all parents

October 2-6 PTC Week- No PD or PLC to assist with scheduling.


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What's Coming Up


26 Grade level meeting 3rd

27 Grade level meeting 4th

28 Grade level meeting 5th

29 End of first grading period


2 Evacuation Drill

3 HR Nuts & Bolts Meeting

4-5 Elementary Parent/Teacher Conferences

5 Principals Meeting

6 KDG fieldtrip-Tuttle Orchards

6 MCHD Vision Screening 1, 3, 5

6 Fall Class Parties

9-20 Fall Break

23-27 Red Ribbon Week

24 1st Grade Field Trip-Kelsay Farms

24 Grade 1-5 CoGat Trng

25 SpEd Elem Data PLC

27 4th grade field trip-Conner Prairie

30-11/17 COGAT Testing Window