Ode to a Large Tuna in the Market

Pablo Neruda

Summary of the Poem

In the poem "Ode to a Large Tuna in the Market" the poet is meditating on the life of a now dead tuna. He speaks of the tuna as a mighty creature and states how great a shame that such a great fish would come to rest, dead amongst some wimpy vegetables. Oh, how sad, the poor, large tuna dead...

Poet's Theme

The theme is "dead fish" Here is a quote that supports that: "Here, among the

market vegetables, this torpedo from the ocean depths, a missile that swam now

laying in front of me, dead". This theme is used in the poem to talk about a dead

fish. You can tell that the poet was against fishing. He really exaggerates on what a pity it is that the tuna will no longer enjoy the joy of living.

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Poetic Elements


"the unknown, the


darkness, the depths"


"in the torrent,

in the coursing"



lying in front of me



in front of me",

"navigating now

the waters of death."

My Personal Thoughts

I think that this poem is definitely...interesting. The poet, in my opinion, had waaaaay to much free time. I mean, seriously, who writes a lengthy poem about a TUNA?!?!? I would understand if the poet was writing about a griffin or anything even the tiniest bit majestic. But a tuna...really?
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This is the poem that I wrote this flyer about.