By: Abby Marten

Why Travel To Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the second most populated country in Africa. With it's beautiful landscapes, culture, people, religion, climate and so much more! Come Travel to Ethiopia today!

Location, Location, Location

Not only does Ethiopia have beautiful places to visit and people to meet, it is also the tenth largest country in Africa over 439,580 sq. miles! Not only that but climate of Ethiopia is in the tropical zone of laying between the equator and the Tropic of Cancer. It has three different climate zones! In other words that means its always on average 70 degrees or warmer! If you travel to Ethiopia today, your forecast will vary from where you are but mostly sunny with averages around 70-80 degrees!

The Do's in Ethiopian Culture

When traveling to Ethiopia you will need to know the basics to fit in!

First off the language, Ethiopians mainly speak Amharic and Ge'Ez.

Second, the "Norms".

-When traveling to this beautiful place and meeting people it is considered polite to greet someone living in Ethiopia with multiple kisses on the cheek and a plethora of exchange pleasantries.

-In this culture is to ALWAYS respect and put elders first in any situations.

- When it comes to Death a funeral doesn't quite make the cut, here in Ethiopia the death of a loved on takes up to 3 days of mourning.

- If you expect to live in this beauty of a country be ready for an arranged marriage! here in Ethiopia arranged marriage is the key to happiness.

- Ethiopia is always clean! especially when it comes to food! Always remember to wash your hands before every meal!

-Ethiopia is the place where polite people are all over! here in Ethiopia you must alway have a conversation when eating a meal!

The Do NOTS in Ethiopia

The unique facts about Ethiopia is how well mannered, respectful, and how well they care for their people. In Fact here in Ethiopia it is considered a Taboo to disrespect the elders residing in Ethiopia. The people in Ethiopia respect their elders so much that if there is any elders as guest in your home they must remain standing until their guest (the elders) sit down first. Elders are respected so much that when it comes to marriage the grandparents or oldest people in the family must go to the women's house and ask for their hand in marriage for the future groom! How Romantic is that?!!

The Cultural Aspects of Ethiopia

When coming to Ethiopia you must know the importance of their cultural aspects.

Values- Ethiopia is not only respectful for their people but also for their gods. Religion such as Christiananity and Islam, and old traditions are important values to the people in Ethiopia. Also the Lion of Judah, the Ethiopian Orthadox, and the Rituals they perform to the gods for luck. With Ethiopia being so religious throughout the country one of their most popular cultural landscape is the Ethiopian Orthadox chuch, it is so beautiful and that is a must see when you come to visit! Although most Ethiopian people are very traditional and historically cultured they do have some mores they face from other residents such as: not going the traditional route and marring who ever you want and not an arranged marriage, having a funeral for the death of a loved one other than mourning for a three day period, and putting yourself before elders.

Ethiopia is a very special place both culturally and historically!

Digging Deeper Into the Culture of Ethiopia!!

When going to Ethiopia you will get to see the amazing cultures and how they live! especially the unique subcultures! Ethiopians subcultures would be the Classes and Castes. The high class and low class, Caste group which are endogenous, with group membership ascribed by birth and membership associated concepts of pollution, Constitute is the third social stratum and lastly the unique group of slaves! Ethiopia has a lot of cultural diffusion and change, some diffusion would be arranged marriage coming less common in its tradition. Some cultural change would be White people or tourist like you coming and the advance technology. Some counterculture Ethiopia has is coffee, believe it or not Ethiopia is now making coffee and it is trending fast! Ethiopia's coffee is considered the best coffee in the world!

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