Current population- 23,201,926

0-14- 40.7% (male-7,625,523/ female-2,685,298)

15-24-20.6% (male-2,394,146/ female-2,384,564)

25-54-31.3% (male-3,635,506/ female-3,629,204)

55-64- 4.2% (male-466,263/ female- 503,375)

65+- 3.2% (male-334,533/ female- 403,514)

life expectancy- 65.2 years, Male- 63.77, Female- 66.67

32.6% of people live in cities.

Population has increased over time.

Population will most likely continue to increase as Madagascar becomes more developed

Still a developing country

Food supply is not very secure and probably will not getting better, population decreases because of this issue.

Health car concerns are tuberculosis and malaria are very common, people die and leave because of this.

The plague killed dozens in January of 2015, population decreased also because of death.

Deforestation, agricultural fires, erosion and soil degradation, people do not want to live in an area like this because of these problems.