How to create your virtual launch

facebook event page

Why have a facebook event page?

Once you've invited people to your virtual launch (invites happen via phone, text, messenger, etc. See HOW TO ASK smore for verbiage) you will want to add them to the virtual launch event page that you will set up. The purpose of the page is to have one place to communicate with those attending. Also, another smart reason is that Facebook will send reminders to your attendees about the event.

How to Set up your event page

  • Create Facebook Event
  • Make event Private
  • Add your sponsor as co-host
  • Use the Lifestyle Ambassador image below as your cover photo (save to your computer then upload image to Facebook cover)
EVENT NAME: (Your Name) Business Launch


DESCRIPTION: Thank you for being a supportive friend! I am really excited to be officially launching my Arbonne business.

What can you expect?

The launch will be no longer than 30 minutes. My business partner will be online with me sharing with you what Arbonne is and about what we do.

We will be using a platform called ZOOM. With zoom we will all be able to see and hear one another (don't worry - you can turn your camera off and mute yourself).

Your support means the world to me! See you on _______________

Meeting ID___________________

Morning of your launch post this image

Big picture

As soon as your event is over post this image

You may also want to add a personal message to everyone as well
Big picture
Big picture