YOGA for OUTDOORS Workshop

How to adapt YOGA anytime, anywhere!

SUNDAY morning - Yoga Beats the Heat!

This Sunday: "How to Do Yoga Outdoors!"
Yoga for Strength, Stretch and Toning - Exciting and Practical Outdoor Yoga

I will show you how Yoga Beats the Heat when you do it Outdoors in this specific way. Start New Year with Yoga that you can do anywhere. This is a 'no mat' Workshop, as I will be teaching you How To Do Yoga Outdoors when you can't lie down or kneel - let's face it - we don't always have a mat or even towel with us when we feel the urge to move the body :)

How does it work. We start with a preliminary overview of the poses at Milton Yoga Studio , then we work our way around Suncorp Stadium using the different stairs railings and shady areas to adapt common yoga poses. Using props we get so much more out of the pose. Haven't done Yoga before - great way to start - but limited numbers, so book in quickly!

We finish back at the Studio in the air-conditioning for savasana (the relaxation), a coconut water and a snack!

BONUS! If you want to cool off with a swim afterwards - I'll take you up the road to Ithaca Pool for free (if so, bring your togs).

So kick off the New Year with me - Susan Wanmer - Yoga Workshopping this Sunday. You receive the benefit of my most essential yoga for maximum vitality this time of year. Embrace outdoors and do YOGA - in a park, on your verandah, at the BEACH!

8.30 AM - 10.45 AM at Milton Yoga Studio. 'Workshopping' gives you a chance to ask questions, personalise it to you and to get it deep so you understand. This is a 'Do and Learn' Yoga Workshop plus Experience.

Cost: $85 Personalised Workshop Group, Snack & swim included.

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You will Experience

Poses for:



Arms Muscles




YOGA for OUTDOORS WORKSHOP: PT meets Quality Yoga

Sunday, Jan. 5th, 8:30-10:45am

Studio 1/ 47 Castlemaine St Milton


Capture the vibe of being outside and learn how you can do more, build strength, enhance your YOGA using the outside environment. I CREATED this workshop INSPIRED by two specific objectives, and I'm EXCITED to share this with you as the New Year kicks in!

One - I will show you how you can do yoga anytime anywhere (ever wanted to do something but you can't lie on the ground, or kneel without the mat?)

Two - I walk past groups doing PT everyday and see little adaptation of the exercises to the individual body. I am bringing the quality of my yoga alignment, the ability to drop each pose down to two or three well executed repetitions, plus the yogic mind body connection. You will be encouraged to feel the breeze on your skin, look up into the blue sky, listen to the sound of the birds….all of this makes for a very yogic experience that you can draw on anytime, anywhere. A little everyday or so over 365 days……WOW!

Make YOGA an ESSENTIAL part of your 2014

Whether you can make it to a Yoga class or not, build yoga into your life. Join the Workshop by contacting me directly - Susan Wanmer 0410 570 441,

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