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Celebrating your April

Tiffany's Stats $1003 in PV, 2 Parties and 1 recruit

The best place to reach me is on Facebook; on the team page (so others can learn from your question too! Plus, another teammate may know the answer, we're all there to help each other out!) or in a private message.

What do you mean you're not on Facebook?! Well, that's not a problem. You can email me at

You can also Text or Call Me at 414-380-9677

Our Team Office Hours are Monday – Friday 2:30pm-5:30pm. I am also available some evenings by apt. I check messages during the office hours and return calls when I can.

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These girls had PV over $1000!!! Way to go ladies!!!

Jennifer Kuchta $1,393

Mara Daiker $1,345

Dana Becker $1,229

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These girl's didn't give up and partied thier way to a paycheck! Awesome Job!

Erin Blome $651

Kelly Kreul $306

Angela Mielke $236

Kimberlee Bartell $209

Nicole Blei $201

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Mara Diaker is our Top partier with 2 April parties!

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Jennifer Kuchta is Top in Recruits with adding a new team member to her team!

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Don't miss out on the BIGGEST party of the year! This is the biggest investment you will make at such a low cost!

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Party your way to a FREE vacation, TV, I Pad, Furniture or just about anything you want to buy with your Gift Card!

Ladies... I would LOVE to help you earn your gift card!!! Are you willing???
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Welsome to the Team Heloisa King sponsored by Tiffany Buege