With Daniel Barnz; the director of "Beastly"

Post One:

Lilian: How did you and your producers decide to change the appearance of Kyle from being hairy in the book to being full of tattoo like markings?

Daniel: It was a hard decision to make, but we found that his personality shined through a bit more with more human like features. But it really came down to how hard it would have been to make him look real in a hairy suit. In the book, it says, " I just want to be like a normal human" and that's what we decided to do.

Post Two:

Kate: When I heard there was going to be a movie based of the book beastly, I wondered if you would keep Kyle's attitude towards the spell or change it. I was glad that you kept it but i would like to know the thoughts you had on it.

Daniel: It was very clear that this spell was an important part of making the movie. We needed him to be accepting without completely changing what he stood for. So we had to leave it as is.

Post Three:

Alice: I noticed that in the book the winter cabin was described as being " So warm". A safe hide away surrounded by snow up in the mountains. But in the movie it was a luxury mansion to spend the summer months. Why did you change it?

Daniel: Well, I thought that a quiet cabin was too cliche for this movie. The house needed to be something extra that showed off there wealth. The fact that it was in the summer just happened to be the time we were filming.

Post Four:

Gracie: In the book I liked how Lindy was a redhead, and how the author described her as being imperfect and with flaws. But in the movie you bring out Vanessa Hudgens, a girl with dark hair and a perfect makeup job. Can I ask why you changed that??

Daniel: Our crews decided it would at least look harder for Kyle to break the spell if the girl seemed like a hard catch. It makes the story more touching when she realizes that she does love Kyle for who he is. Or as Lindy says it, " I do love you Kyle"

Post Five:

Juan: At the end of the movie, the way Lindy figures out that "Hunter" is Kyle is when she calls him. But in the book Kyle saves her. Why did you decide to change that touching part of the story?

Daniel: When I read the lines " He let out a low growl like and animal about to spring", I wanted him to be more human than ever. So we changed that because we didn't want to show the inhuman part of Kyle. We felt it was important to keep him as human as possible to make him more likable.

Post Six:

Jack: In the book and movie Kyle ended up going to the halloween dance. Why did you keep this small detail?

Daniel: Though it may seem to be a small part of the story, it actually has a huge impact. This little dance is a chance for him to maybe meet someone or just simply be himself? In that setting he doesn't have too, " hide in the shadows of his ugliness"

Post Seven:

Mia: While watching the movie, I noticed right away that Kyle met Lindy right of the bat. Why is that, I liked in the book how there meeting was a bigger deal.

Daniel: That's a great question. The reasoning for this change was so the viewers would be able to make the connection and recognize Lindy. As Kyle says it, " She is my only chance" . We wanted his last chance to be a good one.

Post Eight:

Alex Flinn: Hey, you may have heard of me, I'm the author of the novel " Beastly" . I'm just curious as to why you would want to make any changes to my writing?

Daniel: Mr. Flinn, it's a pleasure. But as I read your question I was rather intrigued by its openness. First, I would like to note that your writing is very creative, and I could not copy that word for word. I felt it was important to add my own touches to keep your novel singular. In other words; I wanted to preserve it and make the movie my own.