Week 3

French 2


Cristen performed this weekend at the cheer competition in Raleigh! I can't wait to hear how it went! Did any one else compete?

Week 3 Assignments

Semaine 3

Assignments are due by vendredi le 5 février

1. Les Animaux Writing 1E

2. Les Animaux Project 1F

3. Les Animaux TPR Quiz 1F

4. Les Animaux Section 1 Quiz

5. Les Animaux Writing 2A

6. Les Animaux Speaking 2C

7. Les Animaux Section 2 Quiz

8. Les Animaux Project 3A

Contact your Teacher via text, BB IM or phone call.

*Attend Required Live Class (RLC)

Blackboard IM

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RLC (Live Lesson for Week 2)

Annette Frey Unité 2 lundi le 1er février 8 am

Alexa Haselhorst Unité 2 lundi le 1er février 9am & 5pm

Elizabeth Lovelady Alfonso Unité 2 mardi le 2 février 11am

Kristin Bunphitak Unité 2 mardi le 2 février 8pm

Megan Townsend Unité 2 mercredi le 3 février 6pm

Georgiana Scrisu Unité 2 jeudi le 4 février 8pm

Verb Tenses for Review

As it may have been more than a semester since your last French course- I would love for you to take a look at this short video to review your verb tenses. Let me know how you like it :) mme