A Christmas Carol

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Stave 1

Stave 1 Character List

Scrooge: grouchy, selfish, rich

Bob Cratchit: poor, kind, humble

Jacob Marley: dead, scared, see-through

Fred: happy, cheerful, helpful

Stave 2

The first ghost to visit Scrooge was the Ghost of Christmas Past. It was short, stalking, long armed ghost with small legs. It was holding holly and had a bright light shining from its head.

The ghost took Scrooge back to when he was a child. He was at a boarding school where all the kids had left for Christmas, except Scrooge. He was there all alone because his parents never picked him up.

He took Scrooge back to his childhood because it reminded Scrooge of when he his bad times. It showed Scrooge that he should cheer up and try to make his Christmas's better now since as a kid, he had bad experiences.

Stave 3

The Ghost of Christmas Present was very big and happy. He kind of looked like Santa and he had to kids that clung to his legs.

The ghost took Scrooge to Bob Cratchits. Scrooge saw how in need the family was. He saw Tiny Tim and how weak he was. The Cratchits talked about how they didn't like Scrooge. Then, the ghost took Scrooge to his nephew's house. Scrooge family was also making fun of him.

The ghost took Scrooge to the places to show Scrooge what people really think of him. It made Scrooge feel bad for how he treats the people and that his own family doesn't like him.

Stave 4

The Ghost of Christmas Future was a dark and scary ghost. It never really talked to Scrooge, and it would do it point.

The ghost took him took his co-workers. The men were talking about a funeral, and how they would only go if there was food. Next, he showed him the Cratchits. When he got to the Cratchits, he found out Tiny Tim had died. Last, the ghost took him to a graveyard, where he found a grave with Ebenezar Scrooge on it. Scrooge realized the funeral was for him.

The ghost showed him these things to show how little people cared about him. Also, to show that since he isn't doing anything to help the Cratchits, Tiny Tim also dies. It makes Scrooge realize he really needs to change because he has no friends, and evens his workers don't care for him.

Stave 5

In Stave 5 Scrooge wakes back up to find himself in his room, where he is still alive. He is dancing around and happy to find himself alive and that he will still be able to change. Scrooge is going around the town being nice to everyone and helping people out. He even buys a turkey for the Cratchits. When Bob came to work Scrooge told him he can go home and that he is going to raise his pay. By doing this the Cratchits are able to pay for Tiny Tim's surgery.

I think the moral of the story is about friendliness and compassion. Since Scrooge was always mean and grouchy, his future isn't very bright. It shows that being nice and friendly to everyone and helping out can help you in the long run.