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Tourism In India


Tourism is the thing which gives you a chance to understand the history of the place along with its geographical and internal values. Tourism is “to go different - different places and get their beauty. Tourism is to make you understand about the culture Custom and tradition of the place. Tourism is something which makes you to feel the beauty of the place. Tourism is something which makes you to feel what is going on inside you. Tourism is which gives you peace of mind. Tourism is something which gives you understanding the people. Tourism is which gives you choice. Tourism is something which shows you the variation of nature.
Tourism can be divided with you interest and values which comes in your mind in India it can be defined in few categories.

Seasonal Tourism:- Seasonal tourism can be define as “tourism which varies with respect to time and seasons. In this category places are divided by weather. Like we would like to travel on a hill station or prefer to go to sea beaches in summers. In this category of tourism we choose places different in different seasons according summer, winter and monsoons.

Historical Tourism:- Historical tourism is the category of tourism in which we tries to understand the value of the history of any place. What was the value of the place, historical tourism in which we go to see Monuments, rivers, historical places, museums, and so many things related to its past.

Devotional Tourism:- Devotional Tourism is the category of tourism in which we travel to understand the culture customs and traditions of the place and tries to understand the base of the trust and faith of people of the given place. In Devotional Tourism we go to the devotional or pilgrim places. Like temples Maszids, Church Devotional rivers etc. In India everything is connected with devotion and the faith of Indian People.

Nature Sightseeing:-Natural tourism is the part of tourism which let us meet with the beauty of the nature stored on the particular place. It can define in terms of tourism at Sea beaches, tourism at hill stations, tourism at parks, tourism at lakes, tourism at passes, tourism at natural fountains etc. in India it have its own value of nature and it have a special kind of natural tourism which gives a special satisfaction to the tourist.

Honeymoon Destinations:- Honeymoon destinations are Places where a couple goes after their marriage to enjoy their wedding life. Where they can give special attention to each other and they can better understand each other. Honeymoon destinations are the place where they can leave their past and establish a great future.

Holiday Places:- holiday places are the tourism places where tourists can leave their problems and enjoy their life with freedom and family.

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