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Information Station

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to touch base with you about some things. Welcome to another year of spiritual education at Providence CRC. Our whole KidMin team is excited and working hard for these ministries.

Some coordinators to note:

Coordinators -

Sunday School and Catechism - Jen Sterk and Megan VanGoor

Bible Memory Camp - MaryAnne TenHaaf

Communication coordinator - Tracy Meengs

Prayer Time - Sarah Geelhoed

Singing Team - John Blom, Kev Novak, Katie Ruis

All these people have done extra work to help these ministries run. There are many details involved and it is SO wonderful to have coordinators willing to work at getting them all ironed out. Please remember to thank them.

How can I serve you?

Dear Friends,

We are a part of a busy church!

I have been doing this job for about 6 years. If there is something you see that is lacking in our kid's ministry please, come talk to me at any time. Have concern for your child, or a question about curriculum? I would be happy to sit down with you at any time.

It is my desire to walk this journey with you. There is NOTHING more important than the faith and salvation of our children.