My Code Of Ethics


I am honest because I respect the property of others and when I get caught doing something I tell the truth about it because they're is no point of lying anymore. I also am honest because I respect the property of others.
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I have integrity because I treat everyone the same because I think everyone is created equally. I follow the rules when no one is watching because when I am walking in the hallway alone and there is something on the ground i would pick it up if it was a big mess.
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I can keep confidential things private. If someone told me a secret I would keep it to myself and not tell anyone or if i worked at a store I would keep peoples information to myself.
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Responsible yto my family

I am responsible to my family because I am reliable and I keep my problems most of the time. I do some of the tasks they ask me but not as soon as they do.
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Responsibilites at school

At school I am responsible because I do all my homework and my work and I get it done on time. Also all of the papers that are given to me I do on time and never turn it in late unless I am absent.
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Teaching Responsibility to Elementary Students!