Smoking Tobacco

Smoking Cigarettes are terrible for you. Why? Well did you know that rat poison is in them. No? Well how about Gas chamber poison, the stuff the Nazi's used to kill people in The Holocaust. Bet you didn't know that tar from cigs build up in your lungs. Yea, imagine growing a big pile of black sticky tar in your lungs. Tasty. Also, like Carbon Monoxide? A poisonous gas that can instantly kill you in large amounts? No, THAN DON'T SMOKE! Also, 443,000 people die from tobacco in America a year. Have fun.
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Chewing Tobaco

Well, you don't want to smoke tobacco right? Well it's OK! We have a safe solution for you, CHEWING TOBACCO! What, it's not safe? Oh, nevermind. Chewing Tobacco causes cancer too? YAY! Excuse me, would you like us to remove part of your face, cause that can happen if you chew tobacco. And don't think you can't get addicted, there's nicotine in there too. Don't you just love the flavor of rotting teeth and bleeding gums in the morning? Remember, THERE IS NO SAFE LEVEL OF TOBACCO USE.

Quiting Smoking

If your brain is already at abnormally small size and you are using tobacco, you can still quit! There's nicotine patches, gum, or you can just go cold turkey. STOP SMOKING!