WC Food Science Update

October 12, 2015

End of the First 9 Weeks

The end of the first 9 weeks is just a week away (October 16). Students were given a progress report today to see what they currently have so they could get in missing work from our current unit and know what grades I will be adding next week. A lot of students are having difficulty understanding that assignments cannot be turned in just because the 9 weeks is not over yet. The NEISD policy states that students can turn in late work with a 20% reduction in grade either by the 3 week grading period or by the end of a unit. Some students are having trouble understanding that I cannot accept late work from the first of the school year or if it was from previous units. My goal is that by the end of the year, every student will understand a deadline and be better prepared for the "real" world,

Current and Upcoming Labs


November 3 Bond Election

Please take the time to vote on November 3, There will be no increase in tax rates due to this bond for a minimum of 5 years! Churchill is on the bond with the replacement of the original building (what we call the ABC building) and the original Career and Technology building. Early voting is at Blossom, October 19-30.

This week's schedule at a glance:

Monday: Student Holiday

Tuesday: Getting ready for Rock Candy Lab

Wednesday: PSAT (seniors report to auditorium by 12 noon)

Thursday: Rock Candy Lab

Friday: End of 9 weeks, Calorimetry Lab


I do tutoring everyday. I get to school by 7 am and don't leave until 6 pm or later most days. We have all school tutoring, called ReTeach, in the library from 4:15-5:30 Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I tutor usually on Wednesdays in the library, and if I can on Thursdays. I tutor in my room every morning except Fridays due to morning duty; however, I can tutor at morning duty (bus turnaround 8-8:30). I also tutor during lunches 5th or 6th.

This week is unusual in that I have meetings after school Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. In addition, we have PSAT Wednesday, so Wednesday morning is unavailable unless the student gets here early.