Ms. Cadaver & Mrs. Partridge

Meeting Ms. Cadaver & Mrs. Partridge

Mrs. Cadaver

It was the first day I arrived in Euclid, Ohio. I was very scared and frightened of my father's friend Mrs. Cadaver. He and I kept visiting her, I don't know why my dad liked her so much. Shes the reason dad chose to live in Euclid. She had such wild red hair and her last name meant "dead body". In my opinion that's scary. He kept calling me a chicken for not coming with him sometimes. She immediately complimented me telling me how well my hair was and how nice I am.

Mrs. Partridge

Mrs. Partridge also lived with Mrs. Cadaver. She may have been blind but she could recognize me when I came near. That woman was quite strange. She wore the strangest things and was Mrs. Cadaver's mother. She also is very strange, in my opinion. I think they both have quite the important role in something, I'm just not sure of what? People in this more modern city are different from the people of Bybanks.

Journal By: Salamanca Tree Hiddle