Comparing USA and Canada

By: Nate Matthews


Canada's and the US military work together to secure boarders and keep major crime from arising. Canada also helped the US fight in WWII in the pacific and in Europe.

Population & land area

The United states has the population of 311,416,383 people and Canada has the population of 34,082,000 people. The United States have a higher population due to the land resources and the climate in the area. The US is a lot warmer and has more natural resources compared to the cold and icy Canada. Canadas land is bigger than the US by 50,709 sq miles


Canada and the US share a very similar Government system. Canada has a sovereign which is like The US's President. They also have a Governor General which would be like the
Vice President in the US. Canada's Executive branch hold's the Prime minister which is like the Speaker Of The House in the US.The Legislative branch in Canada has the House Of Commons which is like the House of Representatives and you also have the Senate which is like the Senate in the US.Canada also has the judicial branch which is exactly like the Judicial Branch in the US. So there for Canada's Governing system is just like the United States.


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