The Problem For Endagered Species

By Nayelle

The problem

  • The problem is that endangered species are vanishing .
  • The first reason is people are destroying the forest which is putting the animals in danger.
  • Another reason is the pollution which can make the animals die.

The problems facts

  • Then some of the animals are considered extinct in the wild.
  • This means that some endangered animals live in the zoo then the wild.
  • What causes the endangered species vanishing is hunting the species that can cause less species in the habitat.

What causes this problem

Facts about what causes the problem

  • There is a lot of causes like pollution, diseases, hunters, loss of habitats get destroyed too.
  • For pollution one of the endangered species can eat the garbage or poison and can also get a disease.
  • Then there is hunters that may kill an endangered species. The hunters take skin from the animals and put it into clothing
  • The loss habitats can be destroyed and there would be no where to live for the endangered species.


  • The problem of the animals in Connecticut for the sea turtle is that there would be pollution everywhere and garbage which they can eat and die. The other animals are endangered too because of hunters, pollution and habitat ruined.

  • The animals in Connecticut that are almost in danger is a Barn owl, Northern spring salamander, Sharp shinned hawk, Spadefoot Toad, Kemps Ridley sea turtle.

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