Immigrating? Choose Alberta Canada!

Come to work in Alberta, Canada's highest income province.

Am I eligible?

To decide if some one is eligible to come to Canada there is a assessment test. You will be questioned about your education and your capabilities in Canada's official languages English and French. Your age will be inquired about, as well as previous work history and whether or not you have a job already arranged in Canada. Possessing ties which will help you integrate into Canada, such as family members living and working in Canada or having been to school in Canada will help greatly.

After taking and passing this assessment test, your medical history will be assessed and you will undergo medical testing. If your health is a danger to the health of Canadians, such as a highly infectious disease. If you possess a condition that could might endanger pubic safety, for example a mental disorder. As well persons whose health could put excessive strain on our health system -such as persons with HIV/AIDS- will not be accepted.

I'm eligible, why should I choose Alberta?

Alberta is Canada's wealthiest province. We have the lowest service taxes and the highest average annual wages. Our oil sands contribute to both our booming economy and our high job demand. But jobs are not confined to the oil industry. There is a demand for everyone from engineers to doctors, to accountants to teachers. Like the rest of Canada, Alberta has free health care. Many employers also offer extra health benefits.