Get Infected!

Papillomavirus Hosted Party

Our invasion of the basale epithelium is coming soon!

This is a party dedicated to the celebration of being part of the viral family notorious for causing the most common STI in modern times: HPV! Come join us as we give a collective whoo-rah! in the body of our host! All 200 strains of papillomavirus invited.

A New Year for the Papillomavirus Family

Thursday, Dec. 31st, 9pm

Keratinocyte of Host Body

RSVP via sexual activity, genital infection, or a shake of hands! Arrive promptly at 9 o'clock because the infectious process takes about 12-24 hours to complete. You can enter keratinocyte by associating with putative receptors on the cell surface with micro-abrasions. You should then send off your viral genome to the nucleus where it will be taken care of, multiplying 10-200 copies of itself per cell. On grounds of keratinocyte division, do not be alarmed! The party is only growing larger and the transcriptional cascade is only just beginning!

Party Activites

1. Infectious entry- each virion will have to interact with cell receptors in order to get past the permeable membrane and into the party

2. Viral persistence- express your E1 and E2 genes for DNA transcription, and E6 and E7 for growth

We are a Subclinical Disease!

Usually we express no physical symptoms and will eventually go away on our own accord. However, we are proud to say that we have affected over 50% of the entire world population at least once in their lives because of how easily spreadable we are. We can progress to precancerous lesions if we are high-risk, however, most of our infections do not cause a disease.

Medical Disclaimer

All information on here has been gathered from various medical websites and journals available online, and none was independently crafted or generalized. Please do not use this as a direct source of information if you are affected by HPV.