Prevention saves lives

the best ways to prevent direct contact diseases

  • Some of the best ways to prevent diseases are the simplest things, but people just dont do it because they seem insignificant at the time. Like washing your hands. That is a very easy way to spread disease, and people skip out on washing their hands all the time not even thinking twice. Why wouldn't you want to wash your hands after you go to the bathroom? You just wiped your butt!

  • Another way that can spread disease is not wearing clean clothes. How much filthy stuff do you rub up against everyday? Just counting them all is too much! And sometimes, you dont even know that you are rubbing against those nasty objects. And of you have your clothed just lying out all the time,they are more prone to getting bugs inside of them that you cannot see. Then you could get bug bites and diseases from just wearing dirty clothes.

  • Then for other major diseases, like the black plague, you must be very observant and make sure that no fleas or bugs were around. Fleas were the cause of the black plague; remember "Fleas on Rats". Keep your living space clean of bugs, then if you have pets make sure that they are washed fairly frequently and free of bugs that can get stuck in their fur.

  • Take showers frequently and keep your physical hygiene up. That way you can wash anything off that could be harmful to you that you may have come in contact with fairly recently. Also when you are clean, bugs aren't as drawn to you as when you are filthy.

for more information and ways to prevent diseases search: #DCDP (direct contact diesase prevention)

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Heres what bed bugs and flea bites look like. Yes, they can get into your clothes.

By: Melanie Newton, Alexandria Wells, and Jordan Atkins