Digital Citizenship


By Amanda Hornick and Beth Campbell

Day 1 - What are the 'big rocks'?

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Be a Digital Citizen

Expectations for your learning

Digital citizenship contract
Minnetonka High School Digital Citizenship
My Inappropriate Tweet
How Your Online Behavior Could Put Your Career in Jeopardy

One third of the people who apply for a job...

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Accountability & responsibility in a digital world | Paul Davis | TEDxStMaryCSSchool
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Digital Drama....


Your digital footprint

  • What is your digital footprint?
  • What does it say about you?
  • What do you want it to say about you....both NOW and when you're older?

Who are you?

  • The bystander?
  • The upstander?
  • The bully?

Day 3 - Who's in control?

Living in the moment....or NOT?

CAN'T STOP THE FEELING! (From DreamWorks Animation's "Trolls") (Official Video)

Can you unplug?

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LIKE...what's it really matter?

Who is really in control of your technology use? YOU...or others?

Day 3 - Why does privacy play a role in everything I do?

Can you trust everyone?

False news - Media Literacy

Samsung official


Fake News

Fake FB accounts

Social media accounts...


  • What privacy features do your own devices have?
  • What about apps or digital programs both inside and outside of school?

Be Responsible!

Why does privacy play a role in everything we do?


Tell Someone

Poster to help you decide what to share online

Creative Commons and Copyright

Copyright, Fair Use, Plagiarism
Beyond 140 Do The Right Thing

Day 4 - How can technology advance my thinking?

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Informal vs. Formal

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How can technology advance our thinking?


#DigCitCommit.....What will you do?