The Great Mesopotamia

For the museum of Mrs.Cowart

Mesopotamia History:

First mesopotamia empires started over 6,000 years ago,and created writing systems (such as cuniform),government and a community.The empirers where Babylon,Assyria, and Sumer.


Mesopotamia empirers where also great inventors, they made important inventions like:Wheel,sailboats,chariots,checkers,cylinder seals,first written language (cuniform),and even the worlds first superhero:Gilgamesh.They also found out how to create fire.

Mesopotamian class system

The class system of mesopotamia is very simple,all you have is the shop keepers, the workers, slaves, and priests


The Astronomers were scribes who studied the stars and told calender makers the changes they needed to make and they tried to loacate any future events.They where very advanced and used technical tools.


*Mesopotamia means land between rivers,they two rivers it is between is the Tigris and Euphrates river*One of tghe first ziggeruats was made in 2100 bc to worship the moon god*marduk became the king of gods by killing the evil god tiamat*used stone tools but later iron tools


bows:where used to hit a target at far range.swords:used in ground combat,weapon of common soilder.daggers:used as assasin weapons and close range, also in hand to handcombat.spears:used as far close range stab weapons.maces:blunder weapons.axes:used to penatreate armor and heavy blunder weapon, also used for trees

Farming and Agriculture

Irrigation ditches and canals where used to change the flooding water's direction into farms.Regulators where used to lower and highten the water that flew through them.They farmed lots of crop such as: Barley, dates, beans, vegatables, peas, wheat, and many more.


Mesopotamia empires (especially Assyria) traded clothing, food, drinks, jewerly, and other items.They went down rivers and on land with camels and boats.Assyria especially traded iron weapons because they where the first ones to make them.


Let me know if i made any spelling errors or if any facts where incorrect in the coments.