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October 23, 2015

Red Ribbon Week

Cyber Academy students will be celebrating Red Ribbon week next week. The Spirit will kick off in an All School Assembly on Friday at 3pm. Check your class connect schedules for it.

Students can dress up to show their Heron spirit and stance against drugs! We want to see your pictures!!!!


New Schedule

Learning Labs

Our new schedule for learning labs will start November 3rd! All learning labs will be on Tuesdays and/or Thursdays from 10am-12pm.

You are free to sign up for appointments now.

Our face to face weekly learning labs are such a valuable resource for our families to get the face to face support for them to be successful. If you are not able to attend your nearest learning lab don't forget that we still have our virtual learning lab option for you!

Our virtual learning lab will be open on Tuesday and Thursdays from 10-12 as well. You will see the link in your class connect schedule.

October Bully Free

CASC Stands Against Bullying

CASC took a stand against bullying this month by talking about it. Our counselor, Courtney Kountz, met with classes to discuss bullying and how we can each take a stand. Our own Greenville Academy and Learning Lab students produced our own video with the help of the entire CASC staff. Heron Academy's Nick O. helped produce it with music and effects! Feel free to post your own #CASCStandsAgainstBullying on your FB page!
Cyber Academy of South Carolina Stands Against Bullying

CASC Student K12 Nationally Recognized

One of our very own students, 11th grader Georgia M. was recently recognized Nationally by K12. Way to go, Georgia!
Hi, my name is Georgia and I’m an 11th grader at Cyber Academy of South Carolina. We have what we call the Heron Academy, a program that allows a small number of students work together. This program has really helped me stay on task and it has also allowed me to help immensely with our school newsletter. That being said, I love reading and writing, so English is my favorite subject by default.
When I’m not doing schoolwork, I’m busy learning and researching all there is to know about Nuclear Engineering. When I’m older, I plan on working for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The teachers and staff of CASC are all very helpful and encouraging, so I know that I can do my best at everything, even after I graduate from CASC. Go Herons!

BookIt Program

Calling all K-6th Grade Students

Have you signed up yet? Coupons arrive right in your mailbox for you to distribute each month. It's a wonderful program.

The Book It program is a free six month reading incentive program that begins on October 1st and ends on March 31st of each school year.

Students will receive a free pizza certificate each month that they read and meet their reading goal.

This year the easiest option for all Cyber Academy students is to sign up as home schoolers. This will allow materials and certificates to come right to your doorstep!

Heron Contest Opportunities

Set yourself up for Success with Learning Labs!

How can you ensure that you are successful at our learning labs? Make sure that you bring any necessary materials that you will need while you are at the lab. Many students feel more comfortable bringing their own laptops. That is wonderful! We do have computers that you are able to use at the labs, if needed. Make sure to bring any books or notebooks so that you can use those while at the lab. This will help teachers direct you to the correct information and be able to help you achieve success.

Do you want to check out one of our labs? Click here to sign up for a location near you. We hope you are able to join us at a location near you soon.

Please remember that these are weekly appointments. This allows students to work closely with the facilitating teacher throughout the year. Attendance is important for the success of this program. We do have a wait list for each location and will contact you as soon as a space becomes available if your location is full.

In the best interest of students and learning teams we are requesting that Learning Coaches stay with Kindergarten through Second grade students during learning lab time. This will allow the teacher to support both learning coach and student with the system and strategies for the teams to use at home.

Please reach out to your homeroom teacher if you have any questions.

Are you stuck on a problem? Having trouble with an assignment? Need a little extra help right away? Don't worry CASC has you covered! Come visit our virtual learning labs!

Virtual learning labs are a wonderful opportunity for students to get support with their subjects when they need it. We have teachers standing by to support students from 10:00am-12:00pm Tuesday and Thursday. Check for the link to join the session in your class connect schedule. Make sure to log in using your grade level, subject, first name, and last name.

Example- 8th math Taylor Swift

Please reach out to your homeroom teacher if you have any questions.

Poem From a Parent to Ms. Goldfarb

*To every person @ CASC. Especially those I have spoken with directly.

Ms. Goldfarb and CASC

There`s an online site through CASC---

That seems to have taken legs-

I know my child is learning---

it`s a site called "Reading Eggs"

So many problems last year---

With her heart we seemed to face-

But, CASC gave her a new chance---

Somewhere she felt was "her place"-

Her teachers are soft spoken---

No anger is in their voice-

In hopes that children WILL see---

In life, they DO have a choice-

It`s been a battle uphill---

And yes, long has been the road-

But, I`ll keep standing by her---

To help to lighten her load-

I want to give her the best---

Help her fulfill every dream-

So, I chose CASC for "the ones"---

We have added to our team-

I now see a little girl---

Without that great big old dread-

Look forward to doing her work---

No fear is there in her head-

Thank you for working with us---

it`s all teamwork in the end-

And yes, thank you, most of all---

That on CASC we can depend.

Is there a teacher or student that has made a difference to you during your time at Cyber Academy? Give them a Heron Shout-Out! tinyurl/cascshoutout

High School

Please remember that there will not be any subject class connects this week.

ACT WorkKeys Window for 3rd year HS students- Feb 22-March 18

Middle School

Please remember that there will not be any regular subject class connects this week.

LCs and students, be sure to check your grade book and make sure your grades are looking great! If you need help, reach out to your teachers.

Teachers webpages

Be sure to check Study Island daily! Learning Coaches: Click here for a video on how to help your student be successful with Study Island.

Elementary School

Please remember that there will not be any regular subject class connects this week.

All students need to log into Study Island and complete their weekly assignments (remember Study Island is required and part of your grade.)

Keep up the good work and reach out to your teacher if you need help with anything.


We are Stomping out Bullying. Post your pictures Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with the hashtag #cascblueshirtday and #cascstompoutbullying!

We will be having an all school assembly on Friday, October 23, 2015 at 3:00 to kick off Red Ribbon Week! Please join us and find out about our spirit week activities!

Check out the Red Ribbon Week website http://redribbon.org/ for information on their photo contest and how you can win an iPad and $1,000 for CASC!

Family Resource Coordinator

Aisha Lake, Social Worker

Holiday Assistance:

CASC has no affiliation or partnership with these organizations …

These are local community resources.

It’s that time of year…

please see below for local resources in your area.


~Request a Toy, enter state, county:


Pickens County

~Santa Shoppe Program:


Charleston, Berkley, Dorchester Counties


Greenville County https://www.salvationarmycarolinas.org/greenvillesc/programs/programs-that-help/christmas-assistance :

Richland, Lexington, Newberry, and Fairfield & Kershaw Counties

~Salvation Army Midlands Christmas Assistance

~for details contact (803)765-0260

~Registration at the Ruff Building on the SC State Fairgrounds

~1200 Rosewood Drive

Tuesday, Nov. 3rd, 9:00-7:00pm,

Wednesday, Nov. 4th, 9:00-3:00pm

Thursday, Nov. 5th, 9:00-3:00pm

From the Mouth's of Herons

Learning Coach University


Is your student underachieving, lacking motivation, or experiencing emotional strife? Please watch this session recording to learn strategies to help students who may be perfectionists. This session outlined characteristics of perfectionists and what we can do to help them be successful.

Presenter: Jill Gudgell, IDVA Advanced Learner Specialist

LINK to the RECORDING – View the Blackboard Collaborate recording

Learning Coach Opportunities

Have you taken advantage of any of the recent Learning Coach University Workshops? These are WONDERFUL ways to learn great tips and make connections. These workshops are great for engaging you and your role as a learning coach. Make sure to check them out!

Upcoming Sessions Include:

  • Online Meetup for Single Parents Schooling at Home 10/15 @ 7pm
  • Behavior Strategies for Learning Coaches, 10/21/2015 Part 2 @ 4pm
  • How to Keep Going When You Feel Like Giving Up 10/27 @ 4pm
  • Best Apps for Productivity: 10/28 @ 4pm ET

Math and Writing Workshops- for Learning Coaches

Tuesdays at 12:30PM

  • 10/27 Fractions, Part 2—Operations with fractions

RSVP for all of them at once! They will send you reminders, too!

For detailed information about each of the sessions click here.

Are you interested in previous sessions?

Check them out on your own schedule- Recordings

Helpful Hints to being a successful Heron

Wondering if the OLS or NOHS is down or if it is just your internet or computer? Try this link: http://www.isitdownrightnow.com/k12.com.html It will let you know!

Choosing a Novel: Does your student need to choose a novel for their literature class? The link above provides valuable information about how to make the section.

Learning Coach Video Support: Are you a visual learner? This will help you with many questions that you might have!

Computer Questions? This link has a ton of trouble shooting ideas for you!

Locating Student ID#: From the LC page, go to "My Info" and then "School" and you can locate it on the top right side.

Support for Learning Coaches: Lunch Help Hour with Family and Academic Support Team.

7 Strategies for Student Success

CASC Strong Start Website- This is a wonderful resource for new and returning families. It is full of resources and suggestions for both students and learning coaches.

Learning Liftoff is a great newsletter for K12 parents that provides games and other resources for virtual families.

Fire Drill- Did you get an error message when trying to access coursework or classes?
Check out the Fire Drill page for ideas of what to do when technology doesn't go our way.

Are you looking for South Carolina Standards? Here is a wonderful website that lists what students are supposed to know in each grade.

Please make sure that you check your announcements in the OLS and NOHS to stay up to date with the latest CASC information.


We use our Cyber Academy of South Carolina Facebook page to communicate with our students and families about many opportunities. We post outing pictures and other engagement opportunities for students around the state. Please make sure to "like" our page so that you are kept up to date on everything with Cyber Academy!

CASC is on Pinterest

Follow us on Pinterest for great ideas and resources.

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