How will parents and community members be involved?

In order to provide students with meaningful learning opportunities, strong connections to the people and places of our school communities must exist. These ties will allow us to further develop a strong base of volunteers to help as an extra pair of hands, or initiate activities such as crafts or clubs.

Other than the Site Coordinator, what other staff positions are needed to support the program?

Because the size of programs will vary, two core staff positions will assist at Barnet, two at Danville, one at Peacham, and one at Walden. This will help to ensure that students can be grouped and supervised in appropriate age activities. Staff will also include teachers that are interested in using the afternoon hours to extend learning beyond the day's regular classroom.

What should teachers do if they are interested in getting involved?

Teachers interested in becoming involved should have a conversation with their school's Site Coordinator. In making their proposals, teachers should consider what portion of the eight week schedule is needed for extended student learning. Depending upon these needs, weekly schedules can be two or three days a week, for either two, four or all eight week of the session.